Love Island viewers convinced Curtis is over Amy after ‘unenthusiastic’ response to their romance

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LOVE Island viewers are convinced Curtis Pritchard is over Amy Hart after his “unenthusiastic” response to their relationship plans.

The couple have been together since the start of the series, and until now, have seemed one of the strongest pairings in the villa.

Love Island viewers are convinced Curtis Pritchard is over Amy Hart after his “unenthusiastic” response to their relationship plans

But on tonight’s show, Amy, 26, is seen asking Curtis, 23, if he thinks they will work on the outside.

As he ate his breakfast, Curtis gave a strange “yeah” reply before adding: “We don’t know what’s going to happen.

Undeterred, Amy continued: “But I actually quite like you, funnily enough.”

Without evening looking at her, Curtis replied with a lukewarm “Yeah”, which viewers immediately picked up on.

Amy questioned whether they will work on the outside
Curtis seemed “unenthusiastic” during the conversation

Taking to Twitter, one wrote: “I really don’t think Curtis is actually into Amy as much she is with him.”

Another added: “Amy is starting to get on curtis’ tits ain’t she.”

A third agreed, writing: “Curtis is over Amy lol he shook his head no body language speaks volumes.”

They weren’t alone with their thoughts, as another tweeted: “Lol Curtis wanting enthusiasm from Amy about his omelette but being very unenthusiastic about their relationship.”

Amy said she wants Curtis to ask her to be his girlfriend

Others used gifs and memes to illustrate the awkward moment, with one posting a picture of Michael pulling a face and writing: “curtis is so unenthusiastic about him and amy on the outside.”

Another used a gif of Chandler Bing sleeping on the sitcom Friends and wrote: “Is it me or did curtis looked bored off his tits and uninterested when Amy mentioned if they would work on the outside…”

A third used a gif of Chrissy Teigen cringing and wrote: “Poor Amy sitting there planning her future…Whilst Curtis is planning to run away.”

In the Beach Hut, Amy added: “I’m really happy with the way things are going with Curtis, I just wish he’d bloody hurry up and ask me to be his girlfriend.

“I don’t really understand what he’s waiting for now.”

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