Lord Sugar reignites feud with Piers Morgan as he begs Donald Trump to follow him to ‘upset’ GMB host

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LORD Alan Sugar has reignited his feud with Piers Morgan by begging Donald Trump to follow him on Twitter after the US president snubbed Piers.

The Apprentice boss delighted fans by sharing his request after falling out with former friend Piers, 55, again over their views on the handling of the coronavirus in the UK.

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Lord Sugar reignites feud with Piers Morgan as he begs Donald Trump to follow him to ‘upset’ GMB host[/caption]

His Twitter followers chuckled at his cheeky suggestion, after he tweeted last night: “Dear @realDonaldTrump I hear Piers Morgan has been rude to you.

“If you wish to upset him tell your 19m followers to follow @lord_sugar the man who does the Apprentice in the UK.”

Piers has so far ignored the jibe, but followers of their feud lapped it up and one replied: “Lol, that would be bloody hilarious if he did and your follower count surged past his.”

Others said they found it petty, and another wrote: “Alan, I’m embarrassed for you.”

Donald Trump coronavirus presser April 23
President Trump unfollowed Piers Morgan after he called him ‘bat s**t crazy’ for suggesting people injected themselves with bleach to kill coronavirus

The TV personalities have been sniping at each other on Twitter for years but Lord Sugar recently accused his “former friend” of “exploiting this pandemic for his own gain”.

Speaking to The Sun’s Executive Editor Dan Wootton during his talkRADIO drivetime last month, Lord Sugar said: “What’s going on is that I am tired of the tactics he is using to just big himself up, to give himself a name, to become a martyr.

Meanwhile, Piers and the US President had been pals since Piers won The US Apprentice back in 2008 – when Donald was boss of the show.

The Good Morning Britain host even managed to interview him on ITV in 2018.

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Piers fell out with Trump after calling him crazy after he suggested people should inject bleach to kill coronavirus[/caption]

But Piers found himself cut off and brande it a “seismic split” after Trump unfollowed him on social media.

Piers had blasted the US president after he suggested injecting coronavirus patients with disinfectantand using UV light to treat coronavirus.

And the outspoken presenter wrote on Twitter: “UPDATE: President ⁦ @realDonaldTrump ⁩ has unfollowed me on Twitter, hours after I wrote this ⁦@DailyMail ⁩column”.

Donald Trump COVID-19 briefing April 23
Dozens of experts took to social media to warn people against following Trump’s advice

But Piers had ripped into the president for the “incredibly dangerous” suggestion, saying: “I just see a president pretending to be a medical expert and spewing theories that might have disastrous consequences.”

He added: “By far the most reckless and dangerous thing President Trump has done is use the most powerful podium on earth to air his batsh*t crazy theories about how to beat the virus.”

Trump had suggested using UV rays on the body or people injecting themselves with bleach after a new study by the Department of Homeland Security found that direct sunlight, bleach, and isopropyl alcohol kill the virus.