Lidl is selling a 12ft swimming pool for £100

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LIDL fans have spotted the discount retailer is selling a 12ft swimming pool for £100, which could be a great way to cool down in the summer sun.

The pool was first spotted by a shopper on the Extreme Couponing and Bargains UK Facebook group who said it could be a good option for those looking for something larger than a paddling pool.


Lidl is selling this 12ft pool for £99.99 from June 7[/caption]

She wrote: “Anyone wanting something bigger than a paddling pool, Lidl has a Bestway 12’ Steel Frame Pool for £99 from Sunday June 7.

“I’ve looked online I can’t find anything similar for cheaper! And it comes as a full kit, may be a good deal for some people?!”

Lidl doesn’t sell its popular “Middle of Lidl” products online, but as the shopper outlines, its website confirms the Bestway pool will be available in stores from June 7 for £99.99.

It’s a whopping 12ft wide and almost 3ft deep, and can take 7,480L of water.


It comes with a pump and an inbuilt filter to clean the water[/caption]

The set includes a filter pump that Lidl says keeps the pool clean by pumping water out of the swimming pool through a filter cartridge and back again.

It also comes with a floating thermometer for temperature checking, a plastic surface skimmer that automatically clears debris, a pool cover, a “ChemConnect” dispenser, and a repair patch in case you face any tears.

There’s also a one-year warranty included in case of any problems.

Lidl sold the same pool last year when it cost a cheaper £89.99, although some shoppers at the time warned it took six hours to fill.

But the same pool is currently being sold on Bestway’s website for a pricier £159.99, although it’s out of stock, while Outdoor Toys has it for a much pricier £399.95, and it costs £179.99 at Very, although it’s currently out of stock here too.

You can pick up a similar 12ft Bestway pool at Argos for the same £100 but it’s an inflatable-style exterior.

If you don’t want to shell out quite so much, Studio has a 5ft inflatable paddling pool for £13, while Home Bargains has a massive one for £20.