Lefties stitched up Boris Johnson over the Carrie Symonds row but he was wrong to duck questions

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NOBODY should be in any doubt that Boris Johnson was the victim of a left-wing stitch-up over his row with Carrie Symonds.

Look at the “concerned’” neighbours who called police.

Boris Johnson was clearly stitched-up by lefties in his row with Carrie Symonds, but he was wrong to duck questions on the incident

Kevin Dunnett – The Sun

Boris’ partner Carrie Symonds branded the cop call a ‘stich-up’ by her leftie neighbours[/caption]

One is an avowed anti-Boris playwright who boasts of giving him the finger and whose work featured in an anti-Brexit event subsidised by the EU.

She and her husband recorded the domestic dispute going on in the neighbouring flat. Naturally, their concern was so great that they immediately gave the recording to the left-wing Guardian newspaper who then published the details.

That’s right, the same Guardian which spent years howling about tabloid press intrusion.

Imagine their hissy-fit if The Sun had published the very same material about Jeremy Corbyn? Still The Guardian is no stranger to hypocrisy if it spies a chance to blacken the name of a Tory.


What is more surprising is that Boris gave his anti-Tory neighbours the chance to embarrass him in the first place.

He was wrong to duck questions on the incident yesterday. As a potential Prime Minister he should address this and put it behind him.

Boris was in fine form on Brexit, taxation and policing as he defeated Jeremy Hunt in their first hustings clash.

But he needs to fully focus on getting his message across on the issues which count to the party faithful. Every blunder risks playing into the hands of Jeremy Corbyn.


Jeremy Hunt accused Boris of being a ‘bottler’ after not appearing in many public debates[/caption]

Stop spending, Theresa

THERESA May is clearly not in the mood to go quietly.

As part of her ever-burgeoning legacy plan, she now wants every new dad to be handed 12 weeks paternity leave.

Getty – Contributor

It’s clear that May doesn’t plan to go quietly, and at this rate she’ll leave Britain bankrupt[/caption]

While we are in favour of fathers bonding with their babies, this would cost the country millions of pounds and bring many small businesses to their knees.

This follows her attempts to ram-raid the coffers for an eye-watering £27billion splurge on schools, and her costly pledge for the UK to be carbon-neutral by 2050.

Mrs May seems determined to make up for the disappointments of her premiership, but can the country afford the legacy she wants? At this rate, she will leave Britain bankrupt.

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