Labour’s next leader must be credible, competent and popular with voters, says TUC chief – live news

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The Labour MP Toby Perkins isn’t convinced by the claims that Ian Lavery is seriously considering standing for the leadership. (See 9.11am.)

Don’t be fooled by this. It’s purely an attempt to convince us all that RLB is not a far left choice. He won’t really stand, she will.

The Labour leadership candidate Clive Lewis has posted a tweet clarifying what he meant when he gave an interview to the Today programme this morning. (See 9.11am.) He said this morning that he thought the party, and Jeremy Corbyn, should have fought more strongly for remain. But that does not mean he wants to re-open the Brexit debate now, he says.

Just to be clear about my comments on R4: I don’t want to re-open the Brexit debate. What’s done is done. Our challenge now is to create a vision for the kind of country we want to be post-Brexit.

I want to build an inclusive, open and tolerant country that builds alliances around the world. One that is a beacon for the rest of the world on everything from a #GreenNewDeal through to trade deals and foreign policy. That’s why I’m standing for labour leader“

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