Labour should expel Tom Watson and cops must face a criminal inquiry over £4.5million VIP sex probe

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Justice now

IT is appalling and inexcusable that no one has paid any price over the Operation ­Midland fiasco which destroyed lives and cost taxpayers £4.5million.

Not its original chief Cressida Dick, now head of the Met. Nor her abysmal predecessor Bernard Hogan-Howe, sitting pretty in the Lords. Nor the senior cops, who won promotions or retired.

PA:Press Association

Fantasist Carl Beech dragged the names of veteran Tories through the mud[/caption]

Nor, somehow, Labour’s odious deputy leader Tom Watson. He cynically promoted Carl Beech’s blatant lies about veteran Tories. Then he directly lobbied the CPS to chase a baseless and ancient rape claim about Lord Brittan.

The ex-Home Secretary died with it hanging over him. Yet Watson shows no remorse. He just attempts to dodge blame. He should withdraw from public life today. As Lord Brittan’s widow says: “He is unfit to hold the office of MP.”

Watson aside, the police errors — from declaring Beech’s claims “credible and true” to securing search warrants under false pretences — were jaw-dropping.

Judge Sir Richard Henriques’ ­condemnation of their “institutional stupidity” is admirably on the money.

They wrecked innocent lives by giving blinkered credence to a paedophile’s ludicrous fantasies. It was catastrophic negligence and possibly illegal.

Home Secretary Priti Patel must not let apologies and “learned lessons” suffice.

While Labour must expel Watson, cops must face a criminal inquiry.

Court out

HOW can Lady Hale preside over a Supreme Court possibly deciding Brexit’s fate?

Some questioned her impartiality even before she effectively mocked Boris Johnson. Indeed the judge was first accused of bias three years ago over a remark which could have helped Remainers hold up Article 50.

Lady Hale she should quit before she compromises the Supreme Court’s reputation
PA:Press Association

If Boris somehow avoids getting an extension from Brussels, using a loophole in the anti-No Deal law, the Supreme Court may have the final word.

But Lady Hale’s staggeringly unwise behaviour gives more justification to those who suspect her of prejudice.

She should quit Brexit cases before she compromises her court’s reputation.

Ror ambition

FIRST he was going to be Tory PM.

Last week he was going to be the “British Macron”. This week he’s going to be an “independent” London Mayor.

Rory Stewart thinks he’s entitled — like other Old Etonians — to run something big

In fairness, Rory Stewart could barely do worse than Labour’s Sadiq Khan.

But, indecision aside, his big weakness is that he simply thinks he’s entitled — like other Old Etonians — to run something big. He apparently couldn’t care less if that crushes the hopes of the black, working-class council-house boy standing for the Tories.

He’s not short on self-belief. But we’re not convinced that even in liberal London Rory is the vote magnet he imagines.

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