Kyle Walker’s ex takes swipe at the footballer and Lauryn Goodman after the birth of their baby

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ENGLAND footballer Kyle Walker’s ex has taken a swipe at him and Lauryn Goodman after the birth of their baby.

Annie Kilner, 27, took to her Instagram stories last night to post a savage quote hitting out at “disrespectful men”.

England footballer Kyle Walker’s ex has taken a swipe at him and Lauryn Goodman after the birth of their baby
Annie Kilner, pictured, was devastated to learn Kyle had got Lauryn pregnant

The post read: “A man who disrespects a loyal woman deserves a heartless hoe.”

Reality star Lauryn, 29, welcomed her baby with England footballer Kyle last week.

She posted a picture of the child on Instagram and wrote: “I can’t believe I’ve made you.”

Earlier this year The Sun exclusively revealed Kyle’s long-term former partner Annie called him “gutless” after he broke the news of Lauryn’s pregnancy to her over the phone.

She also called him a “homewrecker” for romping with her pal.


Lauryn Goodman posed a picture of her newborn child on Instagram[/caption]

Annie told a friend: “He’s a fool for risking his family for this. When he told me I was heartbroken. I also felt physically sick. All the air in your body leaves you.

“My world completely caved in on me in that second.

“I couldn’t believe what I was hearing. Not only had he cheated on me but she was pregnant with his baby.”

Manchester City full-back Kyle, who Lauryn named as the dad in February, is now a father for the fourth time.

Annie previously called Kyle a ‘homewrecker’
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Posting on Instagram after the birth, Lauryn wrote: “I want to introduce you all to my #MiracleBaby. It was the first night in the SnüzPod and it felt so great to have the 👶🏽 so close to me all night ❤.

“Whenever a feed was due I could just reach on in there. This has truly been the biggest blessing and I keep crying just thinking I can’t believe I’ve made you and you are here.

“I find myself just staring in awe thinking I have made this little special human. You have defied all odds and you are the best thing to have ever happened to me.”


Lauryn revealed her pregnancy on holiday back in January[/caption]

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She named Manchester City and England star Kyle as the father in February[/caption]


The social media star cradles her bump while holidaying in Barbados[/caption]

Lauryn, who had feared she was unlikely to conceive due to her endometriosis, continued: “Words can’t describe the love I feel for you already. My #endo baby – you have been so strong and I cannot wait to start this journey with you. 💫❤.

“There is a bit of a story labour wise and after my labour that I do want to share with you all, as I feel it’s so important to be open and honest because my platform can help others.

“But for now, I just wanted to share this moment with you all as you have been so amazing with your advice and messages! My little bed buddy 👶🏽– Welcome to this crazy 🌍.”

The star, who was careful not to reveal the child’s gender, concluded: “Thank you to everyone who messaged me & recommended the SnüzPod @snuzuk it’s been a dream. P.s 👶🏽 needs its first hair cut already 🤦🏼‍♀️.”

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Lauryn named Kyle Walker as the father in an interview with The Sun[/caption]


Lauryn at a Halloween event back in 2017[/caption]

She was bombarded with congratulations, with Lauren Goodger writing: “I can’t believe it I’ve been waiting for this day ! Your amazing and I can’t wait to meet bubba 💕💕💕💕💕💕💕.”

Her sister, 26-year-old reality star Chloe, wrote: “The most amazing blessing ever!! I’m so obsessed with the little one already I’ve never been so in love I’m so proud of you for how you dealt with pregnancy and your labour 🤩.”

Former EastEnders star Jacqueline Jossa posted: “Congratulations ❤❤.”

Lauryn revealed the identity of the child’s father in an interview with The Sun on Sunday, saying: “Rumours and gossip are starting to circulate and I’d rather people heard it from the horse’s mouth so I want to stop all the speculation once and for all.

Kyle Walker and I are expecting a baby in April and it was conceived during a period we had both split from our previous partners.

“This will be the last time I comment on it and I will only be sharing the positive journey going forward.”

Lauryn’s sister Chloe is also pregnant and will soon give birth to her first child, a little girl, with fiancé Grant Hall.