Is Moira Barton going to murder DI Malone? Emmerdale’s Mark Womack has hinted at shock story twist

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EMMERDALE fans are hoping that Moira Barton will come to Cain Dingle’s rescue and murder dodgy copper DI Malone.

Mark Womack – who plays DI Malone – has hinted at a plot twist for his character and Moira. But could it be that she ends up putting a bullet in him? Here’s everything you need to know…

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Fans are convinced Moira Barton is going to save Cain by murdering Malone

What has Mark Womack said about the Moira and Malone plot twist?

Emmerdale actor Mark Womack – who plays DI Malone – has teased a plot twist coming for DI Malone and Moira Barton. 

The actor hinted that Moira would soon find herself dragged into the drama surrounding his corrupt cop organisation.

Speaking to TV Times, Mark was asked whether he was keeping in touch with his Emmerdale cast members during the coronavirus lockdown. 

Mark replied: “I text Jeff [Hordley] quite a bit and also Jay [Kontzle] and Dean [Andrews], and I’ve had conversations with Katherine [Dow Blyton],” he said.

“I don’t really work with any others.

“Actually, there is Natalie [J Robb], who plays Moira. She’s great. There’s a nice little thing brewing for Malone and Moira… There’s a little teaser for you!”

Moira Barton knows Cain is up to something dodgy in Emmerdale

Is Moira going to murder Malone in Emmerdale?

In light of Mark Womack’s quotes, fans have been left hoping that Moira will end up murdering Malone and freeing Cain from his clutches. 

One fan tweeted: “Guys with guns in Emmerdale, the world’s gone mad. Malone is the power crazed bad cop who has a short shelf life. I’d love if Moira put a bullet in him for Cain. You got his grimace to a T. “

Another added: “Cain needs Moira to do a Emma Barton Bridge effort on malone right now! #emmerdale.”

Cain has demanded a divorce from Moira in Emmerdale

But Emmerdale are yet to confirm what exactly the plot twist is concerning Moira and fans will have to tune in to find out.

Are Moira and Cain going to get back together in Emmerdale?

Emmerdale are yet to speak out on what’s in store for Moira and Cain, but that hasn’t stopped fans speculating that they’ll get back together when she saves him from Malone. 

One excited viewer tweeted: “Somehow Moira is going to figure out what’s going on and save Cain’s butt. Somehow this will result in them getting back together.”

Another added: “It’s only a matter of time #moira#cain.”

A third said: “Cain and Moira will be back together before you know it.”

Jeff Hordley has said he wants Cain and Moira to get back together, telling Digital Spy: “I’d love them to be back together as I Iove working with Natalie (J Robb).

He added: “It’s similar to the Cain and Charity and Debbie thing – they’re always going to be bound by their child and they have to get on in some shape of form.

“They have to move forward as any parent does when a relationship breaks down and there’s children involved. That’s where we will see how they cope with life apart but having to be tied by and sharing the childcare.”