I was a transgender escort at 72 but full op killed my business

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PIPPA Jayne looks wistfully at her shelves full of sex toys and sexy underwear and checks her phone for messages one more time.

At 72, the transgender escort had a thriving business and a long client list of both men and women.

Pippa Jayne on the bed where she entertains her clients
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But, after becoming one of the oldest people in the UK to fully transition, she found her regular customers deserted her because she was no longer a “She-male”.

The self-styled “Tranny Granny”, from Wimborne, Dorset, tells her story in Channel 5’s shockingly graphic OAPs On The Game: The Sex Business tonight.

The growth in the UK’s older population has been fuelling a rise in older sex workers with some turning to prostitution to supplement their pensions.

The explicit show, which includes actual sex scenes, also follows 85-year-old gay porn star Norm Self and sex cam star Abby Roberts, 58, who makes made-to-measure porn videos in her bedroom.

‘I have winch for those who like to be tied and suspended’

And it has already caused a stir on social media, with one Twitter user writing “OAPS on the game. Defo gonna pass on that one” and another posting a horrified emoji.

At 72, Pippa Jayne has been an escort for many years and has no intention of retiring.

“I never thought I’d be a sex worker at 70,” she says in the programme.

“People still say I am an attractive woman.”

Pippa Jayne
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She entertains clients at the cosy home she shares with her cross-dressing fiancé Mike, where she also has a “Pippa room”, full of sex toys, lube and saucy outfits for her appointments.

In the bedroom, the shelves are stacked with clean hand towels, for when her clients “complete themselves” and above the bed is a hook, for bondage purposes.

“I have a winch and I have used it a few times with clients who like to be tied, suspended and played with,” she says. “A lot of what escorts do is satisfying people’s fantasies.”

After having breast implants when she was younger, Pippa Jayne tells the show she is about to fully transition – going under the knife to have her penis removed and female genitals fashioned out of her existing skin.

A basket of towels ready to be used with Pippa Jayne’s clients
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Speaking before the operation, she tells the Channel 5 show she is excited to become a “full woman.”

“I’m about to be turned outside in and bits of me made into my new vagina and vulva which I can’t wait to see,” she says.

But her decision was to cost her dear – as her regular clients deserted her and the phone stopped ringing.

The problem, she explains, is that they were attracted to a “girl with a c***”.

“I’ve only had a few clients since my operation but it’s been more exciting in a way because you get a guy treating you like you’re a woman,” she reveals.

“I still have the enthusiasm and I’ll still offer penetration sex, I’ll do oral both ways. I like being wined and dined.

“But sex work has definitely changed.

Pippa Jayne’s bedside table with various items she needs for her work such as hand sanitiser and K-Y jelly along with her reading glasses
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“A lot of clients who rang me before don’t ring me now. I think a lot of the appeal is a girl with a c*** and that I’m not any more so I have to learn new tricks now.”

In shocking scenes, Pippa explains her new vagina needs constant “maintenance” which includes squirting lube through a tube and inserting various sizes of “dilator” – similar to a dildo – three times a day.

“Your body sees your new vagina as an injury and it’s constantly trying to heal it up,” she explains.

“It’s bit like a lady having her ears pierced and using a sleeper to keep it open. It still feels very tight.”

As business drops off, Pippa is seen poring over old ads for her services, saying that local papers and Exchange and Mart used to bring a steady flow of clients.

She also records a new voicemail message, finishing “Please note I am now fully transitioned so can no longer provide she-male services.”

The 72-year-old has no intention of retiring from sex work
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But business remains slow.

“The transitioning has had quite a detrimental effect on the escorting, unfortunately,” says Pippa.

“New work is slow to build up.  A lot of people warned me that if you go for a transition, you will probably kill your escorting business

“Whether I will get more work I don’t know. Now there’s no penis there they might feel differently. I’m a post-op woman. It’s unchartered ground for me so I’ll have to wait and see.”

Pippa says her operations was like being ‘reborn’ but work tailed off
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A shled in the ‘Pippa room’ stocked with lube
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Despite her business woes, Pippa feels “reborn” after surgery and says it has given her a “fresh start”.

“I’m proud of what I’ve done now. I wish I’d done it earlier. Anyone who transitions late in life realises they should have done it earlier because you start to feel yourself for the first time.”

‘I became a porn star at 83’

Like Pippa, Norm Self came to sex work late in life – becoming a gay porn star at 83.

Now 85, the former priest from North Carolina was married for 28 years before he realised he was gay and later moved in with a man he calls his “housemate”, who asked him to make a porn movie.

He has now made four blue movies – although he is not paid for his work.

“I was invited in and all of a sudden all this attention comes to me,” he says.

“It’s almost like having a party, that’s one of the things I admire about this way of doing porn.

“We are going to have sex anyway so why not make it a liberating and bonding experience instead of hiding it away in the shadows?

“My 85-year-old self is more vibrant than my 45-year-old self. It’s as though my erotic energy has taken over and inhabited me.”

Norm Self, 85, has become the world’s oldest gay porn star

Norm, who was a campus minister in Alabama during his marriage, says he doesn’t believe his sex work clashes with his religion.

“There are numerous Christians who would think I am part of Satan’s minions,” he says.

“I thought who might be offended and who might want to write me out of the address book, but I don’t worry because that’s their struggle.

“My problem with the church is that it’s rare that sex is treated as a joyous part of spiritual life.”

He also believes that age should be no hindrance to sex life.

He adds: “One of the sad things about ageing is that a lot of elders give up on sex.”

Gran-of-eight makes porn to support disabled husband

Abby Roberts took up sex work at the age of 40 and is still going strong at 58.

The Dutch granny-of-eight, who now lives in Spain, works eight hours a day as a mature web cam girl to support disabled husband Soren.

In extremely graphic scenes, she dresses up in sexy underwear and uses sex toys as she films herself with a tripod as viewers pay to watch and interact.

Abby Roberts makes porn videos for her online business in her own bedroom

Soren, who hasn’t been able to have sex since a serious operation a year ago, is supportive and even peeps round the door as she films porn scenes with other men.

“It’s not love, it’s sex,” he says simply.

“He loves to see me enjoying myself,” says Abby. “He loves it when I orgasm and he doesn’t get jealous at all.

“We are so tight. He knows that I can find a man handsome and I can play with him and flirt, but nothing will come between us.”

Despite her age, Abby says many of her clients are young men who “fantasise about their mate’s mum or their mother-in-law.”

Abby – who says her family and friends all know about her sex work – says feeling sexy shouldn’t stop as you get older and says she vowed to “live life to the fullest pleasure” when she turned 40.

“Sex gets different when you get older,” she says. “I think women my age should feel more sexy. Life isn’t finished at 58. We still have 40 years to come.”

OAPs On The Game: The Sex Business airs on Channel 5 at 10pm

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