Hackers ‘spread malicious software to shoppers’ to get bank account details

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HACKERS are spreading malicious software to shoppers through stores’ websites, a report says.

Kits enabling criminals to plant viruses on laptops by imitating web pages of major outlets on Google are sold on the dark web for just £30.

Hackers are enabling more serious criminals to profit from their activities
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Bespoke fake pages that let crooks obtain shoppers’ personal details, such as bank accounts, can be had for £40.

Those targeted include Amazon, Tesco, Apple, Netflix and eBay, said the study by cyber security firm Bromium.

Hackers are also using the dark web to sell data on shoppers who Amazon has blacklisted.

Researchers took part in conversations on dark net platforms, forums and encrypted messaging services such as Telegram.

Study leader Dr Mike McGuire said: “It’s clear that vendors are acting on behalf of clients to hack organisations to obtain IP and trade secrets, as well as disrupt operations.”

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