General election: Council tax more likely to go up under Tories than Labour, IFS suggests – live news

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Lib Dem leader said leaders should be ‘very careful’ about relationship with US president, ahead of his arrival for Nato

I’m Peter Walker, a political correspondent for the Guardian, and will be answering your questions on the Liberal Democrat manifesto today. I have spent much of this election campaign following the party around, including trips on both their battle buses. I have been covering politics since just after the Brexit referendum, and previously wrote about national and international news. Before joining the Guardian I worked for various other organisations, including Agence France-Presse, where I was based in Beijing, Hong Kong and Paris.

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Nigel Farage is now taking questions.

Asked about his decision to stand down Brexit party candidates in Tory-held constituencies, he says he did not want to take the risk of a hung parliament and putting “that Swinson girl” anywhere near power.

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