From vitamins to serums, how to stop feeling and looking like a zombie when you get off a flight

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IF exhaustion, skin irritation and an upset tummy have become part and parcel of your summer holiday flight, then listen up.

From recirculated air and ice-cold air con to restricted leg room and germ-infested seats, aeroplanes can wreak havoc with our health and beauty regimes – but what if we told you that you could avoid all of the annoying baggage that comes with flying?

There are a number of ways you can protect your face from air travel
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There are a number of ways you can protect your face and body from the perils of air travel.

From take-off through to touchdown, Shannon Lawlor reveals some first-class flying tips that will have you looking and feeling your very best, however long the journey has been.

On board

Take this hand gel with you on the plane
  • The Body Shop satsuma hand cleans gel, £2.50, from The Body Shop – buy here

PLANES are full of germs, so keep anti-bacterial hand gel close for frequent touch-ups. If you don’t like medicinal smells, try The Body Shop satsuma hand cleanse gel.

Facial therapist Nataliya Robinson warns: “On planes, we inhale chemicals from the air-conditioning. Apply a petroleum jelly around your nasal cavities to stop bacteria and tiny dust particles entering.”

UV rays can penetrate plane windows, so apply sun cream as soon as you sit down if you’re in a window seat and want to avoid premature skin ageing.

Piz Buin Mountain suncream and lipstick SPF50 (£8.50, comes in a pocket-sized tube, perfect for on-flight face and lip protection.

While cruising

A facial mist is a must-have on a long journey
  • La Roche-Posay toleriane ultra 8 hydrating spray, £19.49, from Superdrug – buy here

IF you want to keep your skin looking fresh and your insides healthy, you need to drink water.

Dr Krishan says: “We get headaches, feel drained and often we women can suffer with post-flight urine infections because we don’t drink enough water.

“Try to drink a minimum of 200ml every hour.”

To hydrate skin, a facial mist such as La Roche-Posay toleriane ultra 8 hydrating spray will freshen and awaken.

It is also essential to keep moving regularly throughout the flight.

To prevent any problems, try to take a walk down the aisle every couple of hours.

Planning ahead

Boost your immune system before your flight
  • Eucerin Hyaluron-filler vitamin C booster, £20, from Boots – buy here

AIRCRAFT are perfect for spreading colds. GP Dr Punam Krishan says: “The air is circulated and reused, allowing bacteria and viruses to travel to all parts of the plane, exposing everyone on board.”

Raise your vitamin C intake by eating more fruit and veg before your flight to boost your immune system and protect your skin too. Eucerin Hyaluron-filler vitamin C booster contains seven-ten days’ use.

GP Nutrition Fly Me (£9.99, contains a three-day course of vitamins that fight the side-effects of flying, from dehydration to sluggishness.

Prepare for landing

Refresh your locks with dry shampoo
  • Innersense refresh dry shampoo, £22. from Cult Beauty – buy here

AFTER hours cooped up on a stuffy plane, it is understandable that you might want to freshen up.

While rules limit the amount of liquid you can take on board, there are some approved heroes, such as Innersense refresh dry shampoo.

The foam-to-powder formula gives lacklustre plane hair a quick spruce-up.

When it comes to make-up, use space by packing multi-tasking products. Milk Makeup glow oil lip + cheek tints (£12, adds natural-looking colour wherever you fancy it.

At the terminal

Take healthy snacks with you on the plane
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IR travel disrupts our natural body clock so set your watch to your new time zone at the airport.

Mentally getting into the time of your destination should help your body ease into holiday life faster. You may suffer in-flight bloating due to the pressure change, combined with highly salted, chemicalised plane food. Take healthy snacks such as raw veggie sticks and salad to graze on.


Make sure to keep your skin hydrated with an intense serum
  • Avène Hydrance intense serum, £18, from Boots – buy here

YOU have landed on foreign soil, but flight woes do not stop there, especially regarding our skin.

Fun in the sun can cause a drop in hydration levels, and it is crucial to keep hydrating to restore any moisture lost in the flight.

Use a deeply hydrating serum such as Avène Hydrance intense serum

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