Glam mum-of-two claims she still gets ID’d at 46, dates guys 20 years her junior – and says younger mates and Botox are the key to looking young

THIS glam mum-of-two says she looks better now than she did when she was 18, and still gets ID’d at 46.

Alexia Richter, from Blackheath, South East London, says self confidence and younger pals are the secret to looking youthful – and she’s dated guys 20 years her junior since splitting from her ex-husband three years ago.

Glam mum-of-two Alexia Richter says she still gets ID’d at 46 and dates guys 20 years younger
Alexia Richter
Alexia, from Blackheath, South East London, is mum to sons Rex, seven, and Cole, six
Alexia Richter

Speaking exclusively to Fabulous Online, Alexia – who’s mum to sons Rex, seven, and Cole, six – said: “I look and feel better now than I did at 18.

“I didn’t know who I was then. I was overweight, I had a lot of body confidence issues. Then I found the gym at 25 and lost two stone and went from a size 16 to 8.

“I have got ID’d a couple of times recently, but mainly because now I’m single I go out with girls who are in their early 30s. Some girls I meet in clubs and go out with are only 25.

“I could be their mum but I love it. We’ll be outside and they’ll ask lads ‘how old do you think my friend is?’


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“I used to go out every other weekend but now my ex-husband’s emigrated to Spain so now I’m laying low a bit, trying to save money.

“I think the secret is to have a young outlook in life. Most of my friends are anything between the ages of 25 and 38.

“Obviously I’ve got friends that are older but I feel more comfortable and at ease with people who are younger than me.”

Alexia, who runs a mobile spray tan and lash business, has been loving single life recently – meeting younger guys in bars, through Instagram and on dating apps.

She said: “I’m happily single. I am dating but nothing serious, I’ve been single for three years.

“Most people I date are at least eight years younger than me. The youngest guy was 27.

She regularly goes out with mates who are as young as 25 – and says a fun personality is the secret to looking young
Alexia Richter
Alexia says she looks better now than when she was 18, left
Alexia Richter
Alexia was once a size 16 but is now a trim size 8
Alexia Richter

“I think when I split up I was like a kid in a sweet shop, like ‘oh I’m getting so much attention’, but it’s not just guys, it’s women too. All my clients can’t believe I am my age.

“I’ve met a couple of guys through Bumble but I’m not on any dating sites at the moment.

“It’s a nice confidence boost if you can’t get out as much, you don’t have to be trawling bars, but you can just chat to people. There wasn’t anything like that before I got married.

“I get a lot of male attention but I’ve always had that, even when I was overweight, that’s just me.

“Now I can pick and choose who I want to talk to. It’s nice, I feel more confident about myself.

“I think younger boys like speaking to women who are more mature because younger girls haven’t got the life experience.”

Alexia’s diet and exercise tips

  • Alexia tries to workout seven days-a-week, doing 40 minutes on the cross trainer in her house.
  • She also does HIIT classes five times-a-week, for half an hour, and some light weight training at the gym.
  • She has always intermittently fasted, so doesn’t eat anything until the afternoon.
  • She describes her diet as “high lean protein, high fat and limited carbs”.

But there is another secret to Alexia’s youthful looks – Botox, which she’s been having for three years with Dr Mayoni Gooneratne.

She revealed: “I started getting work done when I was 43. I was worried about my frown lines, my ex-husband said I always looked so miserable.

“I have quite an expressionate face, I use my eyes a lot, and I found my frown lines were quite deep.

“Dr Mayoni and myself had a mutual client so that’s how we got introduced.

“It was the first time I’d ever experienced Botox but she made me feel really comfortable.

“I started having it every three to four months – it costs £300 to get three areas done or £240 for two.

“I wanted my lips done as well, my ex-husband wasn’t very happy about that, he said he didn’t want me to look TOWIE-esque.

“But Dr Mayoni’s very subtle, she’s not going to inject willy nilly.

Alexia started having  Botox three years ago – because ‘my ex-husband said I always looked so miserable’
Alexia Richter
Pictured at age 42, before she had any work done
Alexia Richter

“When my husband left, that set off my insecurities, I wanted to make myself feel better.

“Being divorced and getting back on the dating scene, I just thought I needed a bit more confidence.

“If I wasn’t confident with my body and how I looked, I don’t think I would have gone out as much.

“So I had a little bit of cheek filler back in the summer, it wasn’t that noticeable, I might go for some later in the year.

“I haven’t had my lips done for at least a year now, so they’re quite natural. The fillers cost £350 but I save up for them.

“I’ve had a couple of chemical peels but that’s all I’ve had done. The rest of it is probably genetics because I’m quite slim and tall and I’ve got a young personality.

“The Botox has made a huge difference to my face but physically and emotionally I feel quite young anyway, so I won’t be having any other work.

“I thought being divorced would be a really bad thing but it’s not, I’m freer now than I was before so I’m happy.

Alexia says she feels better now than she ever did in her teens or 20s
Alexia Richter
She was going out every other weekend after her divorce, but has reigned her partying in to look after the boys more
Alexia Richter

“I feel amazing, like I’m in my 30s but with the hindsight of someone who’s older.

“I don’t need a man to get married to, I’ve got my house, I’ve my business, I’ve got my beautiful boys.

“So whoever I date, it’s nice to have fun and companionship, but it takes the pressure off.

“Now I’ve got the best of both worlds, looking young and looking good but having that extra maturity that makes you more attractive.”

We previously reported on a ‘gorgeousness coach’ who claims he still gets ID’d at 47 – and a vegan diet and laughing (plus Botox) is the key to looking young.

Dr. Mayoni Gooneratne is an Aesthetic Doctor and founder of ‘The Clinic by Dr. Mayoni’. You can find out more about her services here.

You can follow Alexia’s business on Facebook and on Instagram.

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