EastEnders spoilers: Keegan proved innocent after witness gives Jack video evidence

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KEEGAN Baker is proved innocent next week in EastEnders after a witness comes forward with video evidence.

The youngster was falsely arrested for criminal damage after someone else threw a brick at a police car during Vinny’s crazy house party.

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A witness comes forward with video evidence proving Keegan is innocent[/caption]

EastEnders fans will remember that Vinny’s party got a bit out of hand earlier this month and that the police arrived to force everyone to disperse. 

But as the crowds piled on to the street, the party-goers started throwing things and one launched a brick through a police car’s window. 

Keegan and Tiffany panicked and started to run, leading the police to believe he was the culprit for the damage. 


Jack has been doubting Keegan’s innocence[/caption]

Things weren’t looking great for Keegan – who’s been the victim of a number of incidents of racial bias recently – when a corrupt racist cop framed him for the crime.

Tiffany then begged her detective uncle Jack Branning for help, but Jack seemed unsure whether to believe Keegan’s account – or his innocence. 


Before Jack watches the video he asks Keegan if he definitely didn’t throw the brick[/caption]

Next week’s episodes of EastEnders will see Mitch grow more desperate to prove Keegan’s innocence.

He turns to Jack for help but Jack insists they’ll just have to wait for the bodycam footage to be repaired. 

Later, Mitch asks Denise to try and get through to Jack. 


Jack tells Keegan to keep the news quiet for now[/caption]

Later in the week, Jack, Tiffany and Denise all try their best to support Keegan but he’s a bundle of nerves and storms off in frustration. 

They later get the update from Jack that a witness has come forward with video evidence. 

Before Jack watches the video, he asks Keegan if he’s definitely innocent or whether the video will prove he did throw the brick.

Keegan is furious at the accusation and dismayed to discover Jack doesn’t believe him.

Later, Jack shows Keegan the video and everyone is relieved when it proves he wasn’t involved. 

But, with the video yet to be processed by the police, Jack tells Keegan to keep the news to himself for now. 

But will Keegan be able to wait to clear his name?