EastEnders’ Martin Fowler threatens Karen Taylor as she tries to determine if son Keanu really is alive

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MARTIN Fowler gives Karen Taylor a menacing dressing down in tomorrow night’s EastEnders after she risks revealing he didn’t kill her son Keanu afterall.

When she starts asking too many questions to determine if her son is still living, Martin grabs her arms and stares at her threateningly.

Martin  Fowler gives Karen Taylor a menacing dressing down in tomorrow night’s EastEnders

Tonight Martin risked getting murdered by the Mitchells himself – after letting the truth about Keanu slip.

He made the revelation, which viewers found out about last night, to Karen when he paid her an expected visit at the end of the episode.

Surprised he had popped by, she told Martin: “It’s good of you to check up on me but it’s fine.”

He replied darkly: “I’m not here for that. I was thinking about what you said before – knowing about Keanu and Sharon all the time and you never told anyone.”

He continued: “I’m going to tell you something and you can’t tell no one. Not ever. Do you understand? I need you to promise me.”

She replied: “I promise I won’t tell.”


Martin Fowler told Keanu’s mum he’s alive[/caption]


Hysterical Karen broke down in tears over the news[/caption]


Martin tried to ease his guilt but risks getting killed by the Mitchells[/caption]

Then, with a moment’s dramatic pause, he told her: “He’s alive Karen.”

Disbelieving, she replied: “Alive? Keanu’s alive?” before throwing her arms around Martin in overwhelmed joy.

But the revelation could put Martin in the firing line – literally – if Ben Mitchell or his dad Phil find out what he’s done.

As we saw last night, Keanu was merely shot in the shoulder by Linda Carter and sent off to secretly build a new life elsewhere.

Linda and Martin teamed up to fake Keanu’s death last night

Fans were worried for Martin, with one writing: “Oh, Martin, I hope you’re not going to regret that ill-advised decision #EastEnders.”

Another tweeted: “Problem with Martin doing that, is what happens when Keanu’s brothers and sisters are just as desperate to know their brother is okay and Karen is the one who knows? She’s going to want to tell them just like Martin is telling her #EastEnders.”

Someone else said: “And this is why I love Martin, he had the decency, as a parent himself, after that conversation with Bex – to be kind enough to tell Karen her son is still alive.

“An emotional, lovely ending #EastEnders @bbceastenders.”

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