Driver travels 35 miles on motorway before realising mechanic had forgotten to bolt on car’s front wheels

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A MOTORIST drove his wife’s car 35 miles on a motorway — only to find a mechanic had forgotten to screw on the front wheels.

Adam Contoret, 45, was unaware the axle was hanging off as he cruised along the M6.

Paul Tonge – The Sun

Adam holding the chunky bolts that should have been used to attach the Ford’s front axle to the chassis[/caption]

He even called his wife to tell her “it was like driving on air”.

But when Adam got home with the £21,000 Mondeo Titanium X Sport — which had been in  for repairs — he smelt burning.

So he jacked up the car, only for the axle and wheels to fall off.

He then discovered the only thing that had been keeping  them on  was a flimsy plastic trim, which had the loose bolts inside.   Adam, an electrical engineer from Stoke, said:  “The car was so smooth to drive, it was like a Rolls-Royce. But in fact I was in the Grim Reaper’s grasp.


“If I’d swerved suddenly or taken a tight corner the wheels would have come off. It was  a death trap.”

His wife Lindsey, 42,  who is an NHS scientist, bought the car new two months ago from Evans Halshaw in Wolverhampton.

When it started making strange noises she took it  back to the  dealership, which fitted a  new engine.

Adam, who has two kids with Lindsey, was  picking it up. The couple are  now demanding a replacement car.

Evans Halshaw  said: “We’ve offered a full apology and are investigating.”

Paul Tonge – The Sun

Underneath the Ford Mondeo — showing where bolts should be[/caption]

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