Desperate migrant mum screams for help for her sick son, 5, as hundreds riot at squalid Mexican detention camp

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HEARTBREAKING footage shows a desperate mum crying for help saying her child is sick as hundreds riot in a Mexican detention camp.

The Haitian mother-of-two lies on the dirty ground while insisting her family are hungry and have no clean water to drink at the squalid shelter in Tapachula, southern Mexico. All rights reserved.

A desperate mum screams for help in a detention camp in southern Mexico[/caption] All rights reserved.

The woman said her son was sick and that they were given little to eat and had no drinking water[/caption] All rights reserved.

The mum-of-two said they had been at the camp for 10 days and had not been allowed to leave[/caption]

In footage released by El Universal, the woman says: “My son has been sick for a lot of days. I have suffered a lot.

“They haven’t given us a bit of food. There is no drinkable water.

“Help, help me with my son. He is sick. I have two sons, a five-year-old and a [14]-month-old. … Help me please. My son is dying.”

In Spanish, she claims they have been at the camp for 10 days but was stopped from leaving by police officers.

On Tuesday, hundreds of migrants from Africa and Haiti rioted at the Feria Mesoamericana centre as they attempted to escape.

The camp is a satellite of the Siglo XXI shelter which has been accused of having inhumane conditions including having no food, unsanitary toilets and abusive staff.

My son has been sick for a lot of days. I have suffered a lot

Guards stopped the inmates from leaving the centre which is the largest of its kind in Mexico.

The migrants rebelled after demanding food, medical treatment and help with processing their applications to leave the facility.

It was the third uprising in a month at the shelter.

Mexico’s National Institute of Immigration called the riot a “disturbance”, reports the EFE news agency.

Authorities said that all the migrants have been fed and had their medical issues dealt with, it has been reported.

The country has seen an influx of migrants from Cuba, Haiti and numerous Africa countries since late last year.

US President Donald Trump has cracked down on illegal migration and has threatened trade tariffs unless Mexico plugs leaks on the border.

In response, the Mexican government has increased detentions.

During the first five months of this year, it has tripled the number of migrants it detained monthly to reach 23,679 in May, according to unpublished government data seen by Reuters. All rights reserved.

Hundreds rioted at the shelter complaining of poor conditions[/caption]

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