My girlfriend stays dead silent when we have sex so I feel like I’m not performing well

DEAR DEIDRE: WHEN we have sex my partner is so quiet I feel I’m not doing a good job in the bedroom.

She is 26, I am 30 and we have been together for four years. I love her and we are happy with our lives together.

She never makes any noise and it puts me off
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She is inexperienced but I’ve had previous partners. We waited eight months until she felt ready to have sex.

Previous girlfriends made it clear if and when they were having a good time.

My girlfriend always says she enjoys sex very much and I am a good lover, yet she never says anything at the time or makes any noises that would indicate she is enjoying it.

DEIDRE SAYS: Do not make comparisons with previous lovers.

Everyone expresses their feelings in their own way.

Take her word when she says she enjoys your sex life and you’re being a good lover but also ask her whether she prefers this touch or that.

Make it clear you are open to guidance.

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