Cruel Chinese mum sells her twin baby sons for £7,400 to pay off her credit card bills… and buys mobile phone with the profit

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A CHINESE mum has cruelly sold her twin babies for £7,400 to pay off her credit card debt – and splashed the profits on a new mobile phone.

After giving birth to them prematurely last September, the woman, in her 20s, regarded them as a burden, said police.

Cixi police in China released these two photos, showing the moment that the twin baby boys were rescued in different cities

Cops in Cixi, Zhejiang Province, said last Friday that the mum, known by her surname, Ma, and her partner, whose surname is Wu, have been arrested.

Their babies were bought by two families unknown to the pair, who live more than 430 miles from the boys’ home in eastern China, reports the MailOnline.

Ma sold them as Wu didn’t visit the premature babies in hospital – despite them receiving care in incubators – and his parents weren’t interested in helping the new mum.

After receiving £5,100 for one son, and £2,300 for his brother, Ma paid off her bills and used the rest of the cash to buy a new mobile.

Cixi police told reporters that when Wu got news of her windfall, he turned up at her home and ordered her to pay off his gambling debts too.

But she told him there was no money left.

After the cops were tipped off about the boys being sold to strangers, they launched an investigation and managed to track the separated twins in Anhui and Shandong provinces.

Cops told their new families about the seriousness of the case, and the babies were handed over to authorities.

They’re currently being cared for by their maternal grandparents.

If prosecuted for child trafficking, Ma and Wu could be imprisoned for a decade. The adoptive families might also be punished for buying the babies.

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