Charlotte Crosby says Michael Jackson would ‘definitely know who she is’ if he was still alive because they ‘look alike’

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CHARLOTTE Crosby reckons Michael Jackson would “definitely know who she is” if he were still alive because they “look alike”.

The Geordie Shore star opened up to The Sun’s TV Magazine about her wish to meet the singer, as well as chatting all things isolation and fitness ahead of her new MTV show Lockdown Laughs with Charlotte Crosby.

Charlotte Crosby reckons Michael Jackson would “definitely know who she is” if he were alive

Charlotte said: “I would like to have met Michael Jackson. A lot of people say that I look like him, so I think if he was still alive he would definitely know who I am because there’s that many articles out there saying I look like him!”

The 30-year-old went on: “I think maybe we would have got on – we’re both pretty strange characters. I also think he had some amazing music.”

Charlotte then talked about her routine in lockdown.

She admitted; “I wouldn’t be able to live without TV, I always watch it. I like Britain’s Got Talent, but I’m just a big TV fan, so there’s nothing I really don’t like watching – if there’s something on that’s not interesting, I’ll end up going on my phone. I never really turn over, I just get distracted.”

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The Geordie Shore star opened up about her wish to meet the singer with The Sun’s TV Mag[/caption]


She said: “A lot of people say that I look like him, so I think if he was still alive he would definitely know who I am”[/caption]

She’s got plenty of hobbies to turn to if she gets really bored, though.

“My secret talent is that I can a play a bit of piano,” Charlotte revealed.

“I don’t play often, but if there’s a piano at a party I’ll go and play one song on it. I’m not sure what the piece is, but it’s a classical piece and I think it might be Mozart. That’s my party piece.

“Before anyone knows what’s happening, there I am playing the piano. I’ve never had lessons, it’s just something I’ve picked up. Maybe I’ll take lessons in the future – I might take guitar lessons, too. I don’t think I’ll be having a music career, though, I’m not a good singer.”

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Charlotte’s been playing piano in lockdown[/caption]

Charlotte likes going for drives too, revealing: “I really enjoy driving and I have nice cars. I’ve got a gun-metal grey Range Rover and a white-and- black Bentley.

“When things were normal, I would drive to London in the Range Rover, if I had work there.

“It’s really nice just going out in the car, putting a good music playlist on and having a little drive.”

She’s also into her daily exercise and rustling up a nice meal afterwards.


Shes isolating with her boyfriend Liam[/caption]

The former Celebs Go Dating star said: “I try to exercise daily, first thing in the morning. Before lockdown I was doing it before 7am, but recently it’s been nearer to 8 or 9am.

“I like to do HIIT [High Intensity Interval Training] workouts and I love walking. It’s not taken a lot of motivation to do it during lockdown – but it took a lot more before.”

Charlotte went on: “I love cooking. I am actually a really good cook – I can do a good paella and a lasagne. I enjoy getting everything together, all the ingredients and being organised.

“And then I enjoy the end product too and like seeing people enjoy my food, although the biggest number of people I’ve catered for is only four. I’m also quite a neat cook and I try to tidy as I go.”


She’s also enjoying cooking and doing HIIT classes[/caption]

The reality star – who is isolating with her boyfriend Liam – may be a foodie but she isn’t massively into drinking anymore.

She said: “I enjoy a glass of red wine, or a pink gin and ginger ale but I’ll be lucky if I have a big night out even once a month now. It’s an age thing, rather than a lifestyle thing.

“When you’re younger that’s what you do, it’s new and exciting, but then you grow out of that stage, you don’t even want to. It’s a part of growing up. There’s still the odd night where you’re going out and it’s somebody’s birthday and you just go wild – if I wasn’t having those nights at all anymore I’d have a pretty drab and boring life.”

As for her grooming regime – it’s pretty simple.


Charlotte works out every day[/caption]

Charlotte dished: “My favourite red-carpet outfit has got to be the grey dress I wore to the NTAs in 2019. That’s my all-time favourite. It was just really glamorous, in a Hollywood glamour way.

“But usually I prefer having no makeup on and wearing what I want. Round the house I like wearing pyjamas or gym stuff. I’m very low maintenance.”

As for holidays, the former I’m A Celebrity star normally goes to Ibiza and Australia every year – but thinks they’ll be making an exception for 2020.

She said: “I usually go to Ibiza every year. It’s nice and close – you can get all your friends together and have a good time.


She counts Sophie Kasaei as her best “celebrity friend”[/caption]

“I don’t think anyone will be going there this year, but normally there’s 12 to 14 of us, and we all stay in the same hotel for four or five nights. It’s not all partying, though, and we like to try to have one night ‘on’, then one night off.”

The Geordie beauty continued: “I love Australia, it’s probably my favourite place in the world. I go quite a lot – I think I’ve been every year for the last 10 years.

“I do a lot of work there and because I’ve been so much it feels like a second home. I know loads about it, I’ve got loads of friends there and the weather’s much better!”

And Charlotte’s ideal companion would probably be Sophie Kasaei, who she dubbed her “best celebrity friend”.

She said: “We started Geordie Shore together, lived together in the house for a long time and struck up a really amazing bond. We’re just two normal girls from the north east who landed ourselves in the same position, so we had a lot of things to bond over and get close about.

“She’s very funny and the first person I call when there are things going on. I think she’d say the same about me, we’ve got each other’s backs.”

Lockdown Laughs with Charlotte Crosby Monday 8pm MTV