What’s wrong with Rainie Cross in EastEnders, is she pregnant and is Max or Jack Branning the dad?

EASTENDERS fans were worried when Rainie Cross collapsed in the Branning kitchen, leaving baby Abi crying in the lounge.

Luckily Max Branning returned before anything untoward happen, but it’s left viewers wondering what’s going on with the former drug addict.

Rainie Cross collapsed as she celebrated baby Abi’s first birthday with Max Branning
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What’s wrong with Rainie Cross in EastEnders?

Rainie has been a very busy lady recently, getting things ready for baby Abi Branning’s first birthday party.

But it looked like the character, played by Tanya Franks in the BBC One soap, had been overdoing things as she had a funny turn and dropped the birthday cake she’d ordered for the tot.

Later fans were shocked as she swayed in the kitchen, before falling to the floor where she stayed until Max found her later.

In the next episode – which was Thursday 10 January – Rainie insisted she was fine, but she had another wobbly episode in the kitchen as the party kicked off.

She dropped and smashed a mug, leading to husband Max railing at her and pointing out it could’ve been the baby she dropped.

She suffered a dizzy spell after trying to help Abi’s uncle Jack get organised
WARNING: Use of this image is subject to the terms of use of BBC Pictures’ Digital Picture

Is Rainie pregnant in EastEnders?

That’s certainly what the most popular fan theory is at the moment and even Alfie Moon asked Rainie if she was up the duff.

Fans flooded Twitter with predictions that Rainie has got a bun in the oven. ‘So Rainie’s pregnant then?’ typed one viewer.

Another added: ‘I have a feeling Rainie is pregnant,’ while a third wondered: ‘What’s wrong with Rainie? Is she pregnant?

Is Jack or Max Branning the dad of Rainie’s baby?

If Rainie pregnant then she’d be in quite the dilemma after having slept with both the Branning brothers.

And we no one takes precautions in Soap Land.Rainie and Max had been regularly getting jiggy as Rainie realised she had caught feelings for the Walford ladies’ man.

She caught him on a dating site looking for some adult fun, but managed to convince him that it would be better if he just had sex with her because they’re married.

As if Max ever needed convincing to do the naked Rhumba with anyone.

Randy Rainie later got her rocks off with Max’s brother Jack following his break-up with Mel Owen and Rainie’s shock at finding out Max had told his brother their marriage was a sham.

There have been some alcohol involved too.

So – are we heading for a Who’s the Daddy/Uncle storyline?

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