The Circle fans shocked as catfish Busayo is exposed in epic face-to-face showdown with Ella

THE Circle’s crafty catfish Busayo was exposed last night – during a face-to-face meeting with Ella that left viewers reeling.

The 24-year-old Londoner had been pretending to be a floppy-haired white man called Josh – but ended up leaving the show last night after getting ‘blocked’ by the other players.

Ella reacted hilariously when Busayo walked into her flat

However, before leaving she got to choose one player to visit and decided to go and see a disbelieving Ella.

Staggered that she’d been lied to all this time, she yelped: “Oh my God. Who the f*** are you?”

One viewer tweeted: “BEST reaction to a visit EVER!!” while another called it “the highlight of this season”.

Players on The Circle can compete as themselves or an alter-ego, communicating via an internet chat service they have in the block of flats they all live in.

Busayo explained why she had been playing as a posh white guy called Josh
Her alter-ego got ‘blocked’ by the others players in The Circle last night

After taking a moment to compose herself, 24-year-old Ella told her visitor: “You’re amazing” before they hugged.

Explaining herself, Busayo said: “Obviously, I’m a catfish. I’m not Josh. In my experience, as a black woman, people address me differently and have different perceptions of me.

“Even with my work stuff or how I project myself, it’s always something like ‘you’re aggressive’ or ‘too confident’. That’s what I’ve come across sometimes.

“I thought: ‘Let me see what it would be like to be Josh.’ I’m honestly so glad that it didn’t work.

There are now just seven players left in The Circle

Ella replied: “It breaks my heart that you did it – but I get where you’re coming from.”

Departing, Busayo said: “Who can say they were a middle-class white man for the week?”

With just three days to go until The Circle’s finale and the £100,000 that comes with it, the gameplay is hotting up.

Only Ella, Georgina, Jan, Paddy, Sammie, Tim and Woody now remain in the competition.

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