Capello says Ronaldo partying ’caused problems’ and Van Nistelrooy snitched on him for throwing boozy DRESSING ROOM bash

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FABIO CAPELLO has revealed Ronaldo’s partying caused him huge problems – and that Ruud van Nistelrooy once snitched on him for throwing a boozy DRESSING ROOM bash.

The ex-Real Madrid boss has revealed the Brazilian striker was the “greatest talent” he ever coached.

Fabio Capello has revealed all about Ronaldo – the talent and the party-boy

But Capello also admitted Ronaldo‘s love of partying caused him a number of headaches during his career.

The Brazilian star may well have been the best footballer in history if not for his persistent injuries.

But despite his skill, the results didn’t always go Los Blancos’ way during his five year spell there, between 2002 and 2007 – winning just one LaLiga crown.

Capello even admitted his squad began to play better and win more AFTER Ronaldo left for AC Milan.

The Italian boss told Sky Sports: “The greatest talent I trained is Ronaldo… the ‘Gordo’, so that we understand each other.

“And at the same time he was the one who created the most problems for me in the dressing room.

“He used to have parties, anything…

“Once Van Nistelrooy said ‘sir, the locker room… it smells like alcohol’.

“Then when Ronaldo left, we started to win.

“But if we talk about talent, he was undoubtedly the greatest.”


Ronaldo is infamous for his party-boy lifestyle, much like former international team-mate Ronaldinho – who even had a “nightclub clause” in his contract at Flamengo.

Former Real Madrid team-mate Ivan Helguera even claimed the striker would have “buses full of girls” arrive at his parties back in his heyday.

Helguera recalled: “Ronaldo and Roberto Carlos, on the other hand, liked to go out a little more. But they certainly didn’t do it every night.

“I remember a birthday party at Ronaldo’s house, which he later sold to Sergio Ramos, where buses full of girls began to arrive.

“I was with my wife and we decided to leave, as did Figo.”

Ronaldo – along with Roberto Carlos and Ronaldo – was famed for his love of parties

Ronaldo doesn’t shy away from his reputation, though – even confessing he was the “president of parties”.

Reminiscing, the Brazilian joked: “I was also the president of the parties! I organised most of the parties.

“My girlfriend now is very happy that I have also retired from the parties – and I miss it so much!”