California closes bars and indoor dining across state as Covid-19 cases surge – live

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The Republican National Committee and the Trump campaign raised $131m in June, eclipsing the total they raised in any month in 2016, according to the RNC.

The campaign has $295m on hand. How will that be spent?

President Donald Trump’s campaign, facing a growing disadvantage in polls, has started reserving spots for a television ad blitz set to run in several swing states during the final months of the race.

The ad buy, worth more than $90 million, comes as some in the Trump campaign see warning signs in multiple key states, including Michigan, Georgia and North Carolina, according to people familiar with the matter.

An ember is defined as a small piece of burning or glowing coal or wood in a dying fire. Kayleigh McEnany, the White House press secretary, echoed her boss’s insistence on Wednesday that America is seeing mere embers of the coronavirus pandemic, even as daily cases rocket to a record 48,000.

At the press briefing, I asked through my face mask why she keeps referring to cases as embers when the latest surge more closely resembles a wildfire. McEnany replied: “I use the word ‘embers’ because that is what the president acknowledged that would happen around the country. You would see spikes across the country.

“He said at times you would see a fire across the country. Embers, fires, but at the same time, I would note the sixfold increase in testing, you identify more cases. I would also note that Secretary Azar said that we’ve seen nationwide fatalities at a two month low.”

She added: “So this is a different situation… We believe we’re equipped to handle what we see on the horizon.”

McEnany was also reminded that Trump recently repeated his infamous claim that the virus will just disappear. She insisted: “The president’s confident that it will disappear. He’s confident that he’s put together a revolutionary, first class team that is going to break through bureaucracy and get us a vaccine.”

The White House has been much criticised for trying to wish the pandemic away. McEnany began Wednesday’s briefing with an attention deflecting claim that Seattle had been “liberated from anarchists” – a reference to police clearing protesters away from the city’s autonomous zone.

Past press secretaries became accustomed to defending Trump’s social media posts with the phrase “the tweet speaks for itself”. Questioned about the president’s deleted retweet of a video in which a man shouted “white power!”, McEnany said without irony: “The deletion speaks for itself.”

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