Burglars found not guilty of killing man who died jumping from third-floor window to escape them

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BURGLARS have been cleared of killing a man who died jumping from a window to escape them.

Neil Allen, 26, jabbed a five-inch kitchen knife at Sheiku Adams, 49, as his accomplice Jamie Cohen, 34, ransacked the flat.

Met Police

Neil Allen, 26, from Wolverhampton, was cleared of manslaughter[/caption]

Met Police

Jamie Cohen, 34, ransacked his Mr Adams’ flat and was also cleared of manslaughter[/caption]

The Old Bailey heard how the ‘terrified’ victim backed ‘further and further’ into his cramped living room, eventually climbing up onto the sofa underneath the window ledge.

“At that point, Mr Adams, up on the back of the sofa, in his efforts to escape jumped out of the window, falling to his death,” said prosecutor Allison Hunter QC.

Mr Adams’ wife, who had moments earlier pleaded with the men to tell her what they were after so she could give it to them, saw the thieves fleeing past her husband’s body on the pavement below.

He was taken to hospital but died after suffering a traumatic brain injury during the plunge.

The two were cleared of manslaughter, along with Nicola Green, 32, and Stephanie Haughton, 34, who travelled with them.

Allen admitted aggravated burglary; Cohen and  Haughton were found guilty of burglary.

The three, all from Wolverhampton, will be sentenced next month at the Old Bailey.

Sheiku Adams, 49, jumped to his death to escape the two burglars in his flat
PA:Press Association

Met Police

Nicola Green, 32, and Stephanie Haughton, 34, above, who travelled with the raiders were also acquitted of manslaughter[/caption]

Sheiku fell to his death from a third-floor window in this block of flats

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