Broadway star Nick Cordero’s wife reveals he has finally been taken off a ventilator in coronavirus battle

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NICK Cordero’s wife has revealed he has finally been taken off a ventilator as he battles coronavirus.

Amanda Kloots shared the glimmer of good news as the Broadway actor has been fighting for life in hospital for more than a month.


Amanda Kloots revealed that husband Nick Cordero has been taken off a ventilator[/caption]

Amanda took to social media on Friday to give an update on her husband’s health, revealing that he had a tracheostomy procedure done to remove him from the ventilator.

She told her fans: “He is on the trach! They did it, and he’s OK, and he is free of the ventilator.”

“Thank God. We have been trying to do this for Nick for so many weeks now, and it just kept getting stalled and pushed back because of his health.”

“And now, he was finally healthy enough today to get the trach and the ventilator is out, his face is clear of all those tubes.”

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The actor had tested positive for COVID-19 in early April[/caption]

She continued: “This is just amazing news guys, because we really needed this to happen, to get him off that ventilator.

“This is a lot more comfortable for Nick, I think he will be feeling, even subconsciously, feeling better, and I hope this is a great sign for some good recovery days ahead.
“And for him to be able to wake up and just have that pressure relieved from his throat.”


Amanda has been keeping her fans updated everyday on Nick’s health[/caption]

Amanda has been giving fans daily updates on the Broadway star’s health.

Since testing positive for coronavirus, the 41-year-old father has been in intensive care in Cedars Sinai Hospital in Los Angeles.

Nick sadly had to have one of his legs amputated  as doctor’s fought to save his life.

He also developed an infection in his lungs, which spread to his blood and caused him to go into septic shock.

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The couple met when they starred in the same Broadway play[/caption]

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They have a 10-month-old baby together[/caption]

As Amanda waits to see her husband, she’s been living in Zach Braff’s guest home with her and Nick’s 10-month-old baby.

He told The Hollywood Reporter: “One of my best friends in the world, Nick Cordero, and his wife and baby have been living in my guest house for seven months as they were house-shopping in L.A. to make the move out here.

“They fell in love with L.A. So, they went home to pack up their things and he got COVID-19 when they did that, and he has it worse than anyone I’ve heard of who hasn’t passed away.”

The Garden State star added that the mother-son duo has been joined by her “amazing brother and sister” as they take care of her and help with the baby.

He also commended Nick’s wife Amanda – who is a motivational trainer – for being in “full on bad-a*s crisis dealing mode.”