Brits warned about massive swarms of mosquitoes attacking people in Croatia as tourists head to Balkans resorts for their summer holidays

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BRITS have been warned to watch out for mosquitoes after massive swarms attack Croatia – as tourists head to Balkans for their summer holidays.

This shocking image of photographer Marijo Romulic’s leg bleeding and covered in bugs was taken after swarms of mosquitoes invaded north-eastern Croatia.

Photographer Marijo Romulic’s leg was left bleeding after he was attacked by a swarm of mosquitoes in Croatia
Central European News

Romulic says the insects surrounded his legs and bit them in the town of Bilje in the Osijek-Baranja County, where he lives.

He said he was watering plants in his garden but only managed to finish half the job before the swarm of bugs appeared.

Mosquitoes are a regular occurrence in the country, but their numbers increase in summer as they are attracted to hot temperatures and warm water.

Romulic said: “As far as I remember it was never like this.

“It is unbearable, nothing helps, especially not the spraying now.

“That kills them for a day, but the next day new arrive.”

In the images, the man’s leg is covered in bugs and he is bleeding from dozens of bites.

Another image shows a swarm of mosquitoes under a street light in the country.

Ivan Zgrebec, 34, from the village of Josipovac in north-eastern Croatia said he was forced to mow his lawn fully clothed in order to protect himself from the bites.

But the insects found a way to his back and he says he was bitten 100 times in a matter of minutes.

He said: “I wore a t-shirt with long sleeves and a hood.

“I put on long trousers.

“Then put a scarf over my face.

“I thought I was safe.

“But I wasn’t.”

The Government has reportedly confirmed they will provide over £600,000 to help reduce the number of mosquitoes in the area.

Peak months of tourism in Croatia are July and August, when the weather is warm and the water temperature is ideal for swimming.

More than a million Brits are expected to flock to the country for a holiday this year.

Swarms of mosquitoes surround a street light in the north-eastern part of Croatia
Central European News

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Mosquitoes appear year-round in Croatia but are more prominent during the warmer months[/caption]


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