Brexiteers must accept the reality and back Mrs May’s deal or Brexit is in peril

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Back her deal

MAKE no mistake: though the penny is dropping for many Tory backbenchers, Brexit is still very much in peril.

The news that Labour will back the ‘Kyle Wilson’ amendment, ensuring a referendum on the PM’s deal, should be deeply alarming to those Conservatives who still think a better Brexit is possible.

Brexiteers must back Theresa May’s deal as the ‘Kyle Wilson’ amendment is an Establishment stitch-up

The amendment is a Remain wolf in sheep’s clothing. It would be an Establishment stitch-up, with serious consequences for the public’s faith in democracy for decades to come.

For those Labour supporters who voted to leave, it’s a reminder that the party’s MPs are desperate to overturn the result of the ‘People’s Vote’ in June 2016.

There are some notable exceptions. But the vast majority are determined to frustrate Brexit, regardless of the result of our biggest ever democratic exercise.

Labour is now far more interested in north London than the north of England.

The threat of Remainers wrecking our departure gets more pressing by the day.

Brexiteers must accept reality and back the best Brexit possible: the PM’s deal.

Mike’s legacy

MIKE Thalassitis’ suicide is a wake-up call for Britain’s TV companies — and the country at large.

Suicide is the single biggest killer of men under 45 in the UK. But it’s not just blokes. A fifth of adolescent girls say they have self-harmed, a path to more serious acts later in life.

Mike Thalassitis’ suicide is a wake up call for TV companies and the country at large
Rex Features

Britain has come a long way in recent years on mental health. But those statistics show there is plenty of work to do. We’re thrilled to launch our Let’s Talk campaign with Papyrus to do our bit.

The pressures of modern life are even more pressing for those who are thrust suddenly into the spotlight.

That’s the lesson not just of today’s news but of Love Island star Sophie Gradon’s death last year.

The companies that make millions off these young men and women have a duty of care to them. It’s clear from the criticism we’ve seen since Mike’s untimely death that those outfits MUST take their responsibilities more seriously.

Chloe Goodman knows better than most. And we back her call for mandatory counselling for reality stars.

This tragedy must be the last.

Face facts

FACEBOOK are asking for our gratitude after eventually taking down videos of the horrific terrorist attack in Christchurch.

Which doesn’t change the fact it took far too long for them to do so, nor that it was streamed in the first place.

It is ridiculous that these platforms continue to dodge the responsibilities that come with being a publisher, even though boss Mark Zuckerberg has admitted that that is exactly what they are.

The Government MUST step in.

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