Arrogant EU has been too harsh to Britain over Brexit, most Brits say

ARROGANT Eurocrats have treated Britain harshly during Brexit talks, most Brits believe.

A new poll finds UK voters think the EU has failed to be accommodating towards Britain since the 2016 referendum.

Brits think the EU has been too harsh to the UK during Brexit talks

And Brits are adamant that Europe will be worse off when we’re out of the bloc, the survey reveals.

The academic research from Queen Mary University of London suggests voters are fed up with Brussels’ attitude.

Overall 58 per cent of those surveyed said the EU had been “harsh” to Britain during negotiations over Brexit.

Just 25 per cent described Europe’s attitude as “accommodating”.

The respondents also insisted the EU will end up being worse off when Britain leaves next month.

A massive 54 per cent said Europe will be weaker without us, compared to just 6 per cent saying the bloc will be stronger.


But they admitted that Brexit has made other European countries think less of the UK because they’re annoyed with our decision to leave.

Dr Sarah Wolff of the Director of the Centre for European Research said: said: “The Brexit negotiations don’t seem to have done either side any favours, with many British people feeling the EU side has been unduly harsh.

“But views on the process vary depending on age and, of course, on whether people are Leavers or Remainers.

“Interestingly, though, even a majority of the latter think the EU will be weakened by the UK’s departure.”

The findings come as a new focus group called on political leaders to hurry up and make Brexit happen.

Even many Remainers suggested it is now time to end negotiations and take Britain out of the EU.

One said that delaying Brexit would be “just dragging it out, prolonging the agony”, the exercise run by Lord Ashcroft found.

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