Brexit: Theresa May urges MPs to ‘take a second look’ at her deal – Politics live

Tory whip Gareth Johnson has resigned, saying he cannot support May’s deal in Tuesday’s vote

My colleague, Jessica Elgot, has a little more detail on those suggestions emanating from the PLP meeting tonight that a no-confidence vote might not be far off, should May’s deal – as is expected – be voted down tomorrow:

New – A Labour source underlines that defeat in no confidence motion ≠ Labour endorses second referendum

“A public vote is *one* of the options, it doesn’t say it’s the preferred option or the default option. Obviously we will judge how to deal with the options.”

Barry Gardiner wraps up by saying he has been “genuinely torn apart” by having to choose between leaving the EU, when that might harm the UK’s economy, and backing a second referendum, when that may be seen as patronising the electorate.

He says the Labour party’s policy is to push through Brexit while protecting the existing rights and standards the country currently enjoys. He says the government should back the same and urges MPs to reject May’s deal.

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