Blood descends into carnage as Paul murdered after child abuse secrets exposed and brakes cut on Fiona’s car

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BLOOD season two came to a dramatic end tonight as the two-part finale saw Paul murdered, Fiona in a car crash and child abuse uncovered.

During the opening scenes of the penultimate episode, Detective Dez dropped the bombshell that Paul was dead and Jim was the prime suspect.

Adrian Dunbar is arrested for the murder of Paul

During the first hour-long episode of the season finale of Channel5’s Blood, viewers were shown the build up to Paul’s demise and what was going on with the rest of the family.

With Fiona preparing for her trip with Gillian, Paul becomes increasingly worried that she’s leaving him for good.

Despite her assurances, the idea of losing his family, on top of everything else that has happened, is too much for him.

After Paul threatens to go to the police to confess about murdering Kian and burying his body, Jim tries to take control of the situation by convincing Fiona to sit down and talk with her husband.

Fiona isn’t going to be afraid of Paul anymore
She tells her twins they don’t have to be scared anymore, either

Both knowing that she doesn’t have long left to live due to aggressive Motor Neurone Disease, the two arrange to meet and talk.

At the end of the first episode, Paul is seen heading into the woods as Fiona reads his suicide letter.

Thankfully, Jim finds him and saves his life.

After Paul returns from hospital Fiona asks Marjorie to take the children away so they can talk.

It emerges that Paul has been abusive to his wife and children
Jim embraces his daughter Fiona and promises to look after her children

As the two discuss their marriage over dinner, Fiona states that Paul isn’t afraid of her so that’s why he hurts her. And their children.

While it appears that Paul is struggling with his guilt, it’s actually the large does of pills Fiona has crushed up and fed to him that makes him sputter and choke.

As he falls back with a crash, his wife whispers: “You should have been afraid of me.”

Jim is arrested for Paul’s murder but after speaking to Fiona, Dez puts the final pieces of the puzzle together.

Confessing to murdering her husband, Fiona asks to see her dad Jim and the two embrace as they cry in each other’s arms.

In the final scenes, Jim and the twins are seen driving out to meet Gillian and the children racing to hug her.

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