‘Babies’ Donald Trump and Sadiq Khan shown-up by dignified Queen on state visit

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HOW bloody lucky we are to have the Queen.

She’s the only person on the planet who could make a blowhard egotist like Donald Trump appear overwhelmed and overawed.

Donald Trump caused a stir on his state visit, and The Queen was the perfect host, writes Lorraine Kelly
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Our wee monarch reduced the looming, arrogant US President to a ­quivering bag of nerves.

Her class overcame his crass, and for the first time Trump appeared almost Presidential.

He actually behaved himself for once, although on the flight over he couldn’t resist tweeting like a petulant child after being goaded by London Mayor Sadiq Khan. Neither man came out of the spat well.

I am no fan of the Tangoed, ­Shredded Wheat-topped Trump, but I have a massive problem with the tiresome giant baby blimp OK’d by Khan.

It was supposed to make Trump look ridiculous, but simply came across as petty and vindictive and it backfired ­horribly.

This week was all about paying ­tribute to the Allied forces who were part of the D-Day landings.

In this context, the demonstrations against Trump looked mean-spirited and, don’t forget, were only possible because 75 years ago thousands of Brits and Americans gave their lives on the blood-soaked beaches of Northern France.

Let’s be clear. The Queen wasn’t ­rolling out the red carpet for Trump — but for the office of the President of the United States. There is a big ­difference.

Her Majesty opened up her home to our greatest ally of World War Two, and a country we will need to do ­business with when we are outside the EU.

The quiet strength of her power and influence were fully demonstrated this week.


Trump was like one of her pet corgis, and at one point I thought he was going to roll over so she could tickle his tummy.

The Queen proved you get a lot more with honey than vinegar, and Trump melted like a chocolate orange left out on a summer day.

There’s quite simply no one like our marvellous monarch. Even the staunchest republican has to respect her sense of duty and remarkable record of ­public service.

Her wonderful, heartfelt speech in Normandy briefly brought us all together when our nation is tearing itself apart over Brexit.

By the way, those two clowns behind the Queen who appeared to be texting, tweeting and taking photos on their phones showed the most ­appalling lack of respect for Her ­Majesty, for the sombre occasion and, most especially, for those died. Shame on them.

The Queen rose above it all. She reminded us of a time when we stood together against a common enemy and when people were less ­selfish and far kinder.

I found the D-Day commemorations extremely emotional.

I shed a tear at the stories of courage and sacrifice, and was deeply humbled listening to men in their nineties recounting the D-Day horrors they had witnessed.

Those memories are as fresh and raw today as when they happened 75 years ago.


As she reminded us all, the Queen is part of that extraordinary generation.

In a world where politicians have let us down badly, she stands as a beacon of honesty and decency alongside our veterans and members of our Armed Forces.

It was a chance for us to show our gratitude to this ­dwindling band of brothers, as well as the women who supported them.

And one of those women was our Queen.

She’s in a class of her own, and no matter how famous and important someone might think they are, no one comes close to her sheer star power.

God alone knows what we are going to do when the day comes that she leaves us.

There’s no one like her and we must cherish the Queen while we still can.

The Queen was in attendance at the ceremony to mark the anniversary of the D-Day landings
The Queen
Her Majesty opened up her home to our greatest ally of World War Two, and a country we will need to do ­business with when we are outside the EU
Donald Trump’s spat with Sadiq Khan was an unsavoury state to the week
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It’s all Turnerd ugly…

What is going on with Aidan Turner?
Getty Images – Getty

WHAT’S the deal with good-looking male stars “uglifying” themselves?

Do they feel they will be taken more seriously if they look dishevelled.

Brad Pitt decided to let himself go and shuffled around looking like a hobo, now Aidan Turner is going down the same beaten-up path.

He appeared at a showing of the fifth series of Poldark wearing the kind of face fuzz usually only seen on Alaskan brown bears.

It might be a way of avoiding fans, but he will have to get his scythe out for a shave, as despite this being the last Poldark series, its creators want to carry on telling Ross and Demelza’s story.

Can Mrs Heels be real?

Immaculate Melania Trump is a classy woman
Getty – Contributor

RELUCTANT First Lady Melania Trump has to be a character from the Marvel Universe, or possibly one of those androids from Channel 4 show Humans.

No one can look that “round the clock” flawless and be real.

All through husband Donald’s state visit there wasn’t a hair out of place or a crease in her expensive wardrobe.

But the thing that makes me believe she is some sort of super-robot is that she wore sky-high stilettos from the moment she stepped off Air Force One – and kept them on for the duration of her visit.

And not once did she flinch or give any indication that the soles of her feet must have been on fire and her toes painfully crushed and bruised.

I imagine she falls asleep fully clothed, with all her slap on, and wakes up the next day with perfect hair and make-up to be on display all over again.

She can’t be real.

Oi Beyhive, Behave

Nicole Curran, far right, is being trolled for daring to speak to Jay Z in front of Beyonce

NICOLE CURRAN, who had the audacity to lean across Beyoncé to chat to her husband Jay Z at a basketball match, is being trolled and cyber bullied to the point of death threats.

Beyonce appeared to glower and even nudge Nicole in an attempt to get her to back off, and now some of her more rabid fans (known as the Beyhive) have swarmed in to repeatedly sting a horrified Nicole.

This is ludicrous and has got completely out of hand.

Beyonce has told fans to stop sending the hateful tweets and messages.

The Queen has spoken and fans need to obey and stop over reacting.

Beyonce’s fans should listen to her plea

Hugh’s talent is huge

EVERY single time I have been lucky enough to interview the scrumptious Hugh Jackman, I’ve pleaded with him to stage a one-man show.

He was always too busy being Wolverine, but with the global success of The Greatest Showman and with the demise of Wolverine in Logan, finally the time was right.

What Hugh Jackman has done with his tour is astounding
PA:Press Association

I was lucky enough to see Hugh Jackman. The Man. The Music. The Show at a sold-out O2 this week, and I cannot think of any other ­ A-lister who could have carried it off.

Hugh is that rare showbiz phenomenon, the “triple threat” – he can act, sing and dance.

We had crowd-pleasing favourites from The Greatest Showman, some self-deprecating chats with the audience and classic song-and- dance from the golden age of Hollywood.

The whole evening was a tour de force and Hugh has proved beyond doubt that he really is The Greatest Showman.

Thanks Marcia

Marcia Cross has spoken openly about her health battle
Refer to Caption

MARCIA CROSS, of ­Desperate Housewives fame, has done us all a favour this week.

This beautiful woman has been living with anal cancer and is baffled why so many feel ashamed and embarrassed simply because the disease is in their bum.

Marcia is in remission, but wants to help others to talk about anal cancer and not feel mortified about it.

As she sensibly pointed out, you should never feel you’ve done something wrong because cancer “took up residence in your anus”.

We shouldn’t be ­squeamish or mortified about bottom cancer, or too afraid to go to the GP to be checked out.

No one should be dying of embarrassment.

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