Ashes 2019: England v Australia fourth Test, day five – live!

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31st over: England 78-4 (Denly 42, Stokes 1) Cummins has another right-hander to hassle with the ball that cuts back in, having got Stokes with one nicking away. Bairstow is the new batsman, and there’s a hefty appeal against him as the ball comes off his thigh pad, bounces before it reaches the cordon, and spins away to elude keeper and slip for four leg byes. Those extras don’t go against the bowler, so it’s a wicket maiden for Cummins. He gets a huge standing O from the crowd at long leg when he goes to the fence to field.

There will be no miracle! Stokes has walked! Back of a length from Cummins, the ball decked in. Stokes was trying to leave, couldn’t get the bat up out of the way, and it takes a little inside edge still in the backlift through to Tim Paine! It almost takes the corner of the toe of the bat. The Australian captain rolls across to the leg side to take the ball, then bounds up and is jubilant. Umpire Erasmus says no, but Stokes tucks his bat under his arm and goes off! The Ashes surely, surely, are gone for England as well.

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