Almost half a million children with worries are suffering in silence rather than seeking help, charity warns

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ALMOST half a million youngsters with worries about their feelings or behaviour suffer in silence, a charity says.

But failure to seek help could endanger their future mental health, adds The Children’s Society.


The next Government have been urged to prioritise making immediate emotional and mental health support accessible[/caption]

It is urging the next government to make access to immediate emotional and mental health support a ­priority to end their pain.

The society questioned 2,300 ten to 17-year-olds and found eight per cent had not sought help despite having worries.

Of those that had 77 per cent turned to close family, 38 per cent to pals and 36 per cent to an adult at school.

Using government population statistics, the charity estimated 464,000 children may have worries about feelings.

Few turned to mental health charities or police.

One 17-year-old said they self-harmed to “get out the emotions” and never asked for help thinking “it was something wrong with me”.

The Children’s Society boss Mark Russell said: “If any child is having worries about feelings or behaviour they should not have to suffer in silence. It’s a travesty that such vast numbers of children who clearly need help are not telling anyone at all.

“Despite progress to break down stigma it is still a major barrier for young people.”

Earlier this year, the charity said mental health services turned away 110,000 youngsters a year, deeming their problems not serious enough.

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