All aboard for The Brexit election that only Boris Johnson can win for the Tories

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WANNABE PM Rory Stewart plans to ask Boris Johnson a killer question in Tuesday’s BBC leadership debate: “How will you get a Halloween Brexit through Parliament?”

Faced with diehard Remainer MPs and a Brussels brick wall, he can’t answer. Yet delay, followed by fudge, is a prescription for certain Tory death.

Boris Johnson’s only choice is to have a final, conclusive once-and-for-all Brexit election, writes Trevor Kavanagh

Boris’s only option, which he cannot reveal and his closest pals will not discuss, is the biggest second referendum of all . . . a final, conclusive once-and-for-all Brexit general election.

A new Prime Minister faced with extinction by Nigel Farage’s irregulars has no option but to stand by the 2016 Referendum verdict and fight. And only Boris can win that fight for the Tories.

As this column has frequently pointed out, more than half the country — 17.4million voters — backed Leave in 2016. They have not gone away. They have simply been driven by Theresa May into the arms of Nigel Farage.

Most of those who switched to his Brexit Party in last month’s EU elections were angry Tories. Boris can win them back.

If the latest poll is to be believed, nearly half of ALL voters rate him as the candidate who can lead his party to victory.

Boris’ debut revealed a transformation from tousled stand-up to articulate statesman

Whatever Jeremy Hunt and Michael Gove’s great qualities might be, they just aren’t in that race.

Boris Johnson has plugged into the national mood. His debut last week as a candidate revealed a transformation from tousled stand-up to articulate statesman. This was a self-confident force of nature whose optimism for Britain’s prospects eclipsed all others.

Voters might not want to buy a used car off him but nobody seems to care about his many indiscretions. His self-inflicted “BoJo the Buffoon” image is as much guise as Dame Edna Everage is to Barry Humphries.

Last week he emerged for the first time as Prime Minister in waiting. He must keep up the momentum or risk stalling. Brexit must be sorted soon, before Nigel Farage gets his feet under the table.

Tory Remainers need to understand voters will not give them another chance. Unless Britain leaves the European Union, this time on schedule, their party is over.


Remarkably, this shambolic Government has strong cards to play. For all George Osborne’s miserable tosh, the economy is growing, wages are up and the jobs market is booming. Nobody seriously believes this will come to an abrupt end once we leave.

But the Tories’ greatest election asset of all is “Ooh Jeremy Corbyn”. Under almost any other leader, Labour would be strolling to victory. Instead, Her Majesty’s Opposition is in meltdown.

At a moment of national crisis, and despite Theresa May’s worst efforts, Labour can only manage level pegging.

Corbyn’s tolerance of anti-semitism, his rude D-Day treatment of American President Donald Trump and his support for Iran over the Gulf tanker blasts are merely the latest evidence of his anti-Western sympathies.

A lifelong communist sympathiser, he embraces IRA and Hamas terrorists as “friends” and defends Putin’s Russia against charges of poisoning innocent citizens on the streets of Britain.

It is hard for us to believe or imagine someone like Corbyn could be elected Prime Minister

Senior Washington Source

As a result, Trump has publicly refused to share intelligence with a Corbyn-led UK government.

“We find this guy very strange,” a senior Washington intelligence figure told me yesterday. “It is hard for us to believe or imagine someone like this could be elected Prime Minister.”

Millions of voters feel the same way. Support has drained from Labour. It is gasping for money. On Brexit, Labour is emerging — suicidally — as the Remain party, shedding voters along the way.

Meanwhile, the prospect of a third general election in four years will strike terror into bloodless Tories. Margaret Thatcher’s careerist successors have none of her courage.

They have surrendered to the metropolitan elite and adopted a “pre-emptive cringe” in the face of the screaming leftie mob.

Like the proverbial frogs in a saucepan, they are scared of jumping to safety in case they fall short.

Unless they go with Boris, fight an election and sort out Brexit once and for all, they will be boiled alive.

BBC unleashed an angry and dangerous mob

BBC bosses have unleashed a whirlwind by turning more than 3.7million pensioners into an angry and dangerous mob.

Many will go to jail rather than pay the £154.40 licence fee for the first time in many years.

The sight of police frogmarching elderly martyrs on Zimmer frames into court will focus long-overdue attention on this iniquitous viewing tax.

And mark the beginning of the end of a once-great public broadcaster.

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Wannabe PM Rory Stewart plans to ask Boris how he plans to get a Halloween Brexit through Parliament this Tuesday[/caption]

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Corbyn’s tolerance of anti-Semitism is merely the latest evidence of his anti-Western sympathies[/caption]

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Those who backed leave have simply been driven by Theresa May into the arms of Nigel Farage[/caption]

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Trump has publicly refused to share intelligence with a Corbyn-led UK government[/caption]


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