Aguero tricked into saying ‘stroke my a***’ in live video game stream as model girlfriend Sofia makes him aware of gaffe

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SERGIO AGUERO brutally fell victim to a Bart Simpson-style prankster who fooled him into into sending a rude shoutout to a fake cousin.

Bart regularly tricked Moe the Bartender into yelling out for people with names like Al Colholic and Homer Sexual in joke phone calls in earlier seasons of The Simpsons.

Sergio Aguero was hilariously pranked during a live stream of a video game

This weekend it was Aguero’s turn to be pranked as fans messaged him while he streamed himself playing video games.

The Argentinian read out: “Rosa Melano, es mi primo” – English for “Rosa Melano, she’s my cousin” – before acceding to a request to send her a greeting and blowing her a kiss.

What the dad-of-one took a few seconds to realise was that while Rosa Melano could in theory be a woman’s name and surname, the combination of the words read out fast is the same as the expression ‘Rozame el ano’ which translates as the equivalent of “Stroke my a***”.

Aguero suspected something was up when he looked down at the messages he was getting and asked girlfriend Sofia Calzetti why he was being laughed at.

The Argentinian model replied off camera, “they’re laughing at what you said, Rosa Melano” and spelled out for him how he had been pranked Bart Simpson-style.


The Manchester City star, 31, who admitted last week Premier League footballers are “scared” about being forced back into action, took the joke in good spirits after some initial confusion.

He shrugged his shoulders and said in Spanish, “sometimes you fall for these things, what can I say!”, before laughing and adding: “I fell for it, I fell for it.”

Aguero, known by his nickname Kun in his native Argentina, has been sharpening his video games skills with the suspension of Premier League football.

His pretty girlfriend has filmed him playing games including Fortnite and NBA 2K20, although his last post showed him keeping in shape by practising his football skills in his large back garden.

He admitted last week: “The majority of players are scared because they have family, they have children, they have babies.

“When we go back, I imagine we will be very tense, we will be very careful and the moment someone feels ill, you will think, ‘What’s gone on there?’

“It does scare me but I have just been here with my girlfriend, I haven’t had contact with other people.”