Day: March 4, 2019

What critics get wrong about the “American AI Initiative”

Sujai Hajela Contributor Share on Twitter Sujai Hajela is co-founder, president and CEO of Mist, which develops self-learning wireless networks using artificial intelligence. There’s been a bit of hysteria –… Read more »

Why parrots can talk like humans

Our closest mammal relatives haven’t been able to replicate human speech, but parrots do it easily. In 2016, researchers released a study with an incredible headline: “Monkey vocal-tracts are speech-ready.”… Read more »

Apology — Aurelie Eboue

Our online article ‘Arsenal Star Emanuel Eboue reveals he is desperate to play football again after riches-to-rags plight that’s left him suicidal’ (5 February 2018) was based on an interview… Read more »

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