Man who bought sex doll online hoping it would ‘make him happier’ ends up in court because it was a CHILD-sized version

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A MAN who bought a sex doll online in the hope it would make him “happier” did not know he had purchased a child-sized version.

Nathan Watts, 29, wiped a tear away as he was cleared of importing an obscene item from China by jurors today.

Nathan Watts, 29, wiped a tear away as he was cleared of importing an obscene item from China by jurors
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Mr Watts said he ordered the doll late one night because he was “lonely”, Reading Crown Court was told.

The warehouse manager came across the lifelike silicon toy after searching Google for “sex doll” and paid nearly £1,000 for it to be shipped from Shenzhen, complete with pink lingerie.

He was shocked when customs officers at East Midlands Airport seized it and said he had not seen any information listed on the website about its size.

Mr Watts told cops he had ordered an adult sized doll with Japanese features.

Mr Watts paid almost £1,000 for the sex doll from China – but did not know how short it would be
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Mr Watts bought the doll because he was ‘lonely’
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Michael Attenborough, prosecuting, told the jury: “It was lifelike, silicon with a mouth, vagina and anus.

“It was about 1.3 metres or just over 4ft 3ins, in height.

“The Crown says that it was, in almost all respects, a child in terms of the height, parts and facial features. The only exception to that was that it had fully formed breasts.

He added:”The defendant spent the best part of £1,000 on it. It is inconceivable that the defendant spent that amount of money without knowing what he was going to get.”

Mr Watts, who the court heard was a big fan of Japanese culture, including manga comics, said: “I was lonely, I work a lot and don’t get out much.

“I expected it to look like an adult sex doll with Japanese features, I thought the eyes would be more Japanese than they are.”

The doll was seized by customs officials at East Midlands Airport last year
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When asked if the doll he saw online was what he bought, Mr Watts replied: “It is smaller than I thought it would be.”

He added that pictures of the doll on the website showed it set against a white background and that “there were no other objects to compare its height with” and that he chose this particular doll because “it was on sale and reasonably cheap compared with others.”

Ms Ayelen Tunon, defending, told the jury: “You may have found the idea of a sex doll disgusting or deplorable. However, I am going to ask you that no matter your views on the doll, you put that to one side.

“Are you sure that doll is a child-like sex doll and are you sure that Mr Watts believed it to be?
“I suggest that the face itself is not one of a child.

“She has got make up on, that is something that would be associated with adults.

“There is one thing that we cannot ignore, the breasts.

Mr Watts wiped a tear away from his eye after he was cleared of of the crime at Reading Crown Court
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“They are a very prominent feature and it is not fair to say that a buyer that wanted a child-like sex doll would ignore the breasts.

“The doll is 1.3m, the defence cannot hide behind the fact that it is short for a woman but that doll is 22kg, any doll bigger would have been too impractical to ship all the way from China.

“Taking all of that as a whole, you cannot be sure that that doll is intending to be a child, it is a woman.

“Mr Watts has told you by his own admission that he is a bit of a loner.

“This is something that for him is embarrassing; it is not something that he would want to spend a lot of time on.

“What evidence do you have in this case that Mr Watts is interested in children? Absolutely nothing and that is what the officer in this case said.

“If he does not have any interest in children, why would he suddenly one night buy a child sex doll?

“There is not a single suggestion on that website that it sells child like sex dolls, he told you he saw them and it was the cheapest on the site.

“He is not responsible for what he is being accused of.”

Mr Watts, from Reading, Berkshire, was cleared of one charge of attempted fraudulent evasion of a prohibition.

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