Texas Has the Highest Maternal Mortality Rate in the Developed World. Why? – NBCNews.com

Clutching their newborn daughter, Chris Zavala pleaded with the staff at a Texas urgent-care clinic to save his wife, Michelle.

It was July 26 — eight days after Michelle gave birth. The Zavalas had rushed in after Michelle complained of tunnel vision, of feeling like she was going to faint. But now, lying in a bed at the clinic, Michelle wasn’t saying anything at all. Her eyelids were drooping. Her expression had turned listless.

“Do something. Someone, do something,” Zavala begged.

A nurse looked at Michelle, then yelled for assistance, Zavala told NBC News. Chest compressions were performed. A tube was placed down Michelle’s throat.

Image: Michelle Zavala poses with her husband and newborn baby

Michelle Zavala poses with her husband and newborn baby. Michelle died from a blood clot eight days after giving birth.