Jeremy Corbyn’s tax return appears to omit leader’s salary

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Jeremy Corbyn, pictured at a rally in central London, has released his tax return

Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn has published his tax return as part of a call for transparency from politicians.

But the return appears to omit around ?37,000 he was entitled to as leader of the opposition.

The figures showed that Mr Corbyn earned a total of ?114,342 in salary and pension payments.

The publication came as Chancellor Phillip Hammond declined a challenge to publish his own taxes, calling it “demonstration politics”.

‘Public trust’

The return details Mr Corbyn’s earnings of ?77,019 – mostly from his MP’s salary of ?74,000 – along with a pension of ?36,045, ?1,200 from self-employment and ?78 in interest.

He paid income tax of ?35,298 for the year 2015-16, after becoming Labour leader in September 2015.

“I have made it clear that I think it is right for party leaders to be open and transparent about their tax affairs,” said Mr Corbyn.

A Labour source said they were unable to provide any details about why Mr Corbyn’s leader’s salary was missing from the return.

The source said: “The published return was prepared by a firm of accountants who were supplied with the relevant information. We will deal with any queries on the detail on Monday.”

The source was adamant that Mr Corbyn paid his tax at source.

They also confirmed Mr Corbyn had taken the leader’s salary as well as his MP’s salary.

Shadow Chancellor John McDonnell published his tax return earlier this year, and on Thursday pledged to introduce legislation to publish the tax returns of anyone earning over ?1m to “restore public trust”.

However, Mr Hammond rejected calls for politicians to publish their taxes.

Speaking to The BBC’s Andrew Marr Show, he said: “I have no intention of doing so. Just for the record my tax affairs are all perfectly regular and up to date.

“But I think this demonstration politics isn’t helping the atmosphere in British politics.”

Jeremy Corbyn’s tax return appears to omit leader’s salary}

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