10 Most Beautiful Kids In The World | Celebrity Edition | Child Models (Part 2)

Here are the famous celebrity kids | 10 Most Beautiful Kids In The World | Celebrity Kids Edition | famous models | child models | baby modeling | youngest super models in child modeling industry | Top 10 lists.

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10 Most Beautiful Kids in the World: Celebrity Edition
Seraphina Affleck
Seraphina Rose Elizabeth Affleck is the youngest daughter of actors Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner. At the age of 7, she got nominated at the Teen Choice Award for Choice Celebrity Baby in 2009. Although her parents are keeping her away from the celebrity spotlight, we are pretty sure she has a bright future ahead.
Kaia Jordan Gerber
Daughter of models, Rande Gerber and Cindy Crawford ? Kaia is already making an impressive modeling career at a very young age. She started out her modeling debut at the age of 10, and that was on Broadway by the way. Earlier this year, she landed on a Teen Vogue page, and a few months after, she and her mom had a shoot for a Vogue Paris cover.
Romeo Beckham
Posh Spice, and everything nice about David Beckham ? this is probably what made Romeo James Beckham really popular these days. He might not be as great as his dad was on the soccer field, but he?s making a name for himself modeling. He started out at the age of 12 in a Burberry Festive Ad, and he?s getting more modeling gigs while pursuing his studies (now that?s impressive!).
Suri Cruise
Suri Cruise?s life has been documented by paparazzis since she was born. In fact, her first pictures that were printed on the October 2006 issue of Vanity Fair sold more than 700,000 copies. With the divorce of her parents, Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes, in 2012, her life story has been known worldwide ever since. About her looks ? she is the perfect mix of her mom and dad. You might think she?s a product of bio-engineering, but we?ll never know until Scientologists breaks it all out.
Prince Joso Fabulous
Johan Jackson, AKA Prince Joso Fabulous is the son of rapper Fabulous and stylist Emily B. With that said, you can expect this kid to rock a ?hip hop? look better than you. He?s ?gots? the swag, but will he have the same groove as his father had back in the days? We?ll find out when he starts rapping like his pops.
Johan Riley Fyodor Taiwo Samuel
Before they got divorced in 2015, Seal and Heidi Klum are one of the most interesting couples in show business. They have three children, Johan being the youngest son in the family. Among his siblings, he can definitely rock the afro hair in an effortless fashion. Like his mom, we might see him in the covers of magazines someday.
North West
North West is definitely one of the most popular kids in the world. Having Kim K and Kanye West as her parents, she had paparrazzis buzzing around her before seeing the light of day. Pictures of her went viral a few months after she was born, and then she began appearing in the reality TV show ?Keeping Up with the Kardashians? at the age of 2. Who can blame Kim and Kanye? Their daughter is too cute not to be on TV!
Dannielyn Birkhead
Dannielyn Hope Marshall Birkhead is the daughter of model/actress Vickie Lynn Hogan, popularly known as Anna Nicole Smith. With her stunning looks, she was able to start her modeling career at an early age of 6 ? for the apparel line Guess Kids. She?s been on lots of tabloids and magazines, and she?s had many guest appearances on TV.
Max and Emme Muniz
Maximillian David and Emme Maribel Mu?iz are the twins of singer/actors Jennifer Lopez and Mark Anthony. The twins definitely got their looks from both of their parents, but we?re not sure whether they also have ?The Voice?. Like most celebrity kids, paparazzis have been around their lives ever since they were born, but J-Lo is doing a great job keeping their lives out of the spotlight.
Anja Mazur
Anja Louise Ambrosio Mazur is the daughter of the Victoria?s Secret angel, Alessandra Ambrosio and businessman Jamie Mazur. She enjoys going out with her mom, even at work ? she and her mom recently had a special cameo appearance in Fergie?s new MILF music video alongside celebrity moms Chrissy Teigen, Ciara, Tara Lynn, and Kim K.

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