NASA spots another impressive mountain range on Pluto – Washington Post

The western edge of Pluto’s “heart” as seen on July 14 by New Horizons. (NASA/JHUAPL/SWRI) The latest intriguing feature spotted on Pluto is a new mountain range — one with peaks as tall as the Appalachian Mountains on Earth. The new range, shown in the image above, joins one discovered earlier that’s comparable in height?to […]

This computer is better at recognising terrible drawings than you are – TechRadar

Computer vision experts from Queen Mary University of London have developed software that’s already better than humans at recognising what hand-drawn sketches are supposed to represent. The program, known as Sketch-a-Net, is a ‘deep neural network’, meaning it emulates how the human brain processes inputs. It gathers data from both the shape of the object […]

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