Emmerdale viewers in tears as Rodney Blackstock leaves the village and Rhona Goskirk and Pete Barton break up

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EMMERDALE viewers have been left sobbing after an episode tinged with misery.

In tonight’s episode of the ITV soap Rodney Blackstock was left broken-hearted when it was revealed his ex Misty had already moved on with a new man in Thailand, and Rhona Goskirk was left devastated after ending her relationship with Pete Barton.

Rodney sobbed as he discovered Misty had moved on

She was driven away by his daughters Nicola and Bernice, leaving him suffering from a shock mini stroke.

And in tonight’s episode he was told by the doctors that he needed to avoid stress and change his lifestyle.

But Rodney decided to confront his daughters with what they had done and show how heartbroken he was.

“Misty and I are over, she’s found someone else,” he told his daughters.

However Misty had quite the surprise for Rodney having already moved on
Rodney was broken by Misty’s webcam show

But when Nicola bragged that she was obviously right about her and tried to crow about it, Rodney decided enough was enough.

“You had absolutely no right to make those decisions for me and I will never forgive you,” he said as he walked off.

He added: “I am not storming off, I am going upstairs to pack the rest of my things. I am moving out for good.”

“Everything’s packed, I’ll get someone to collect the rest of my things together,” he said.

Rhona accused Pete of cheating on her
And when she realised the truth, it was too late so she ended the relationship

“I can do exactly what I want and I will. This old dog’s not dead yet. I need to be as far away as you two as possible. You’ve hurt me terribly.”

Meanwhile Rhona Goskirk ended up ending her relationship with Pete Barton after realising she could never trust him, or anyone after she was convinced he was cheating on her.

Even catching him taking signing lessons for her son Leo, wasn’t enough and she ended things and devastated herself in the process.

“It’s not about you, it’s about me,” she told him.

“It’s like whenever I’m happy or if I let my guard down, then something happens and I get my heart broken.”

So instead she decided to cut her losses and go through the heartbreak anyway.

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